Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Break.

This week I took a much needed break from the scale and the gym.
I did make it to the gym on Monday and had a pretty decent workout, but it just felt so forced. I keep seeking out that feeling I felt last summer when I was working out just about everyday and felt so amazing about it! I could see my body changing and my attitude was so much better about everything in general.
Now I sigh when putting on my workout clothes. I loathe sweating and I seek out support on facebook just to make it to the gym. Last week I left my Monday night Zumba class early because I was too tired and Tuesday I didn't go to the gym because it was raining outside.
Really?! When have a left the weather dictate when I exercise? This is just very frustrating to me because I once was so determinated and motivated.
I want that feeling back.. 


Jennifer said...

I hope you get that feeling back. I've lost that feeling for a while now. I can totally relate. You'll get back into the swing of things!

safire said...

Sometimes I have days I feel unmotivated too. The hardest part is putting on the gym clothes and hauling my butt to the gym.

Things that help me stay motivated
-change up what I'm doing (a new DVD or workout)
-update my music list
-go with a friend
-take it outside: shopping, hiking, going to museums....

.amy r. said...

have you tried the 30 day shred?