Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Breastfeeding {update}

I figured I'd do a quick bfeeding update, because my big boy turned 12 weeks old yesterday!..and since my initial breastfeeding post is one of my most viewed posts which I found to be slightly strange! But anyway! We've hit a quarter of the year with exclusive bfeeding. I'm super proud of us for sticking it out, even though there were times when I wanted to just throw in the towel.
Around 4 weeks old I think B hit a growth spurt. It seemed like he was hungry all.of.the.time. I felt like I was nursing around the clock..there was no set schedule. It was becoming difficult to plan daily errands, even running to the bank was hard because I never knew when he was going to be hungry. Keep in mind..I'm NOT a public breastfeeder. I'm not against moms doing it, but it's not for me.

We had introduced the bottle within the first week of his life due to schooling schedule issues, and then bottle fed him at night. I don't really have a reason why we bottle fed at night..I think because it was easier in the middle of the night then getting myself all propped up and whatnot. I was lucky that he'd take both the bottle and the breast just fine. I would wake up at 5am, totally engorged and pump (using a manual mind you) at LEAST 6oz each breast and freeze that. That is how I began my freezer stash to take for him at daycare.

So, at 4 weeks when I felt like I was strapped to the couch, anxiously awaiting the next time he'd want to nurse, I decided I wanted to exclusively pump and bottle feed. Actually, it wasn't a just happened. I ended up buying the Medela Pump in Style and the rest is history.

I started pumping every 2 hours and WOW- did my supply increase. I was pumping at least 10oz in every pumping session in about 10minutes. I'd fill up his 4oz bottle (We used the Playtex drop-ins) and then freeze the rest. Oh, and I always had a backup bottle in the refridgerator.

Now, when I went back to work is when things changed a bit. I had emailed my HR department about a private space in the office where I could pump on my lunches and breaks. I got an email back saying that there wasn't a designated spot, but that I could use the locker room in our company's gym. I replied with the KS state law requiring employers to provide a private place for up to one year. Within a day, I was granted access to a conference room that has a couch and a 'do not disturb' sign. Which is fine..UNLESS there's a conference. Ugh. My milk supply ended up taking a bit of a nose dive as well. I pump at 5am (before work)= 12 oz, 10am break=8oz, 1pm lunch=6oz, 4pm break=5-6oz, 7pm=5oz and then at 9pm=5oz.

So that's where we're at. I'm going to continue pumping. My goal is to breastfeed at least his first year. We'll be introducing solids at 4 months I believe and we'll just play it by ear. Remember, I'm not a lactation consultant or expert by any means. Just doing what works for us :) Any questions? you can email me at

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

And more...snow.
Car repairs.
Cabin fever= our weekend! This is how Bradley felt about it:
We have been working quite a bit on tummy time and rolling over. He is so close and can turn over with our help, and gets so excited! He is kicking and flailing his arms wildly!
The snow started on Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday morning the roads were snow-packed. I've had anxiety with even driving the baby in the car, let alone in bad weather conditions with crazy drivers on the road! So I gave us a snowday complete with pajamas and cuddling Thursday and Friday which was much, much needed :)
 Friday night we tried to get out to go to dinner as the snow had stopped. We got about a mile away from home when our car started over heating!! It was ridiculous. So, we headed back home. Turns out, it was just the thermostat which ended up being a quick and inexpensive fix, but stressful nonetheless.
It was a nice weekend! It was good to just kind of "whole up" on the couch with my guys, but I sure am craving warmer weather. I can't wait to get the stroller out and go exploring. Bradley is becoming so much more attentive; lovin' it!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

C25k {week 2}

I made it through week 2 of the C25k despite being out of town all weekend. Holler!
I did, however, miss my Saturday's run. I had every intention to make it to the gym before we headed out of town. Well..didn't happen. It's hard only having 2 hands to get things done.
That's okay though because I woke up Sunday morning at 6am and trotted down to the hotel's gym.
So I did week 2, day 1 and it went just fine. I said it last week that I thought it was pretty easy. I followed the plan accordingly- walk 5 min, run 90 sec, walk 2min for 20 minutes. I felt like I could have run longer than the 90 seconds, but I feel like I should just follow the program exactly. 
Monday I figured I better double the run since I missed Saturday. So I did 40 minutes instead of 20 minutes. I counted that as week 2, days 2 & 3. Let me tell you, after the 20 minutes were up I really didn't want to keep going! My shins were starting to hurt a bit; I think because I didn't stretch that well, I just hopped on the treadmill. But, I kept up with it. Then I got a cramp in the side and remembered from my past that my cramps were caused by not breathing well. So I started taking deeper breaths in through my nose and exhaling through my mouth and all was right in the world again. When my 40 minutes were up my legs literally felt like jello. I stretched well and headed home and had to take an ibuprofen.

I will be back at it for week 3 on Saturday. 11 weeks 'til race day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pass me the sugar...please.

I wanted to post this a week ago, but wasn't sure if it was all in my head. I have been craving sugar like crazy! I figured it may be because of Valentine's Day goodies, or the fact that I've been around Girl Scout cookies...I'm not sure, but I was craving anything sweet.
I'm serious, it was getting BAD. It was getting to the point where I was scouring my kitchen cabnets for anything junk food sweet. An orange wasn't cutting it. Even if I had just eaten lunch, 30 minutes later I felt like I needed a candy bar. And I have been constantly craving Dr. the point where I was getting headaches that were cured by caffeine. 
I was starting to get worried. I had never felt like this, not even when I was 250lbs or pregnant. So, I started to really look into it. I noticed that I was having these cravings about 20minutes after I was done pumping breastmilk or nursing Bradley. I started researching and apparently these sugar cravings are very normal by a lot of breastfeeding moms. However, I couldn't find anywhere WHYYYY. I mean, it makes sense..I'm giving a lot of my nutrients to my sweet boy and obviously my body thinks it's lacking something.
In the meantime, I'm going to be trying my hardest to curb these cravings with natural sugars like oranges and apples, etc. Has anyone ever experienced this? Help a new mom out :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Ok, the 'Weekend Wrap-Up' is going to be my new Monday post! I've decided I need to go ahead and set up a 'schedule' for my blog in order to be successful. Otherwise, I get behind and end up not posting for weeks. Not good. But anyway! We went to Manhattan, KS to visit my sister at college this weekend!
Bradley's first road trip!
Yea. That was the only picture I took on the 'big' camera. Fail.
I was so happy to see my sis. This may be the last time we get to see her before June. Bradley loves cuddling with his Aunt Sidney.
We headed over to the mall and got to break out the stroller for the first time as well. It was awesome and Bradley didn't seem to mind it, until he had an explosive poop. We went to a kid's boutique that I had never heard of called Crazy8 to buy a change of clothes. Cute stuff! I had left all his clothes at the hotel. New mom fail.

Overall it was a great weekend. Jordan doesn't have too many weekends off when school isn't eating all of his time so we cherish the time we have together as a family of 3.
I'll be honest, my eating wasn't perfect, but I did the best with what I had. We went to Cracker Barrel and I got a yogurt parfait and blueberry muffin (left top) and we had gone to Freddy's Frozen Custard (lower right) and I got a kid's meal chicken strip (2). I was satisfied and didn't even eat all the fries.
 Baby steps. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Skipping a week.

We all deserve a skip-a-week, right? That's what I'm giving myself at least.

I consciously know I didn't give it my all this week. I may have indulged a bit too much with the sugar this week leading up to Valentine's Day. I will be the first to admit that I am not good with temptation. You know on this week's episode of The Biggest Loser when they're in the room with their favorite desserts? Um yea...I would not do well with that challenge.

I actually feel pretty gross from eating so much junk this week. So, I'm starting over. I need to focus on portion control, adding vegetables (and fiber), and cutting back on all the sugars. Oh, and water, water, water of course.

We are headed out of town this weekend to visit my baby sis at college, but I'm on a mission to eat the best I can. I'm going to track everything on the myfitnesspal app and posting pictures of everything I eat on instagram! {follow me- alliemarshall627}

I'm ready for a better week! I will weigh in for 10 weeks postpartum (I can't believe my baby is 10 weeks old?!) and here's my motivation...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Love Story

In honor of the day of LOVE I thought I'd share our love story :) I used to absolutely love Valentine's Day (maybe I just loved the Reeses' peanut butter hearts ;) Now, it is just another day. I make it an effort to show those I love how much they mean to me. Like those clearance'd shoes at Target I randomly brought home for J :)

Around labor day September 2008, I was invited to a BBQ at one of my co-worker's house. I ended up going, expecting to eat a hamburger and go about my business. I didn't know I was secretly being "hooked up" or that I'd meet my husband on that day. I saw Jordan..he was wearing scrubs and driving a POS car. could hear that car a mile away. Anyway, we actually didn't really hit it off, but we were friendly to one another. He was a total nerd; video games, computers, chemistry books- too smart for your own good type of guy. We had absolutely nothing in common, but somehow it worked. We seemed to be "good" for eachother.
We kept hanging out- a movie and dinner here and there, but I still wasn't 100% sold on becoming "official." I had been single for 2 years. I had my own apartment, job, car, friends and I was pretty content. Until we basically became inseperable. He just seemed to "fit" in my life very well, and the next thing I knew we were starting "our" life together.

We moved into our first house in February of 2009 and became engaged. and surprise! I found out I was pregnant (which sadly ended in miscarriage). We decided to change our original December Christmas wedding to a very hot June wedding.  
So, we met, got engaged after 6 months and married after 9 months of knowing eachother. Crazy, right? I'd agree. There are times where I've wondered how we've lasted for 4 years. But what it comes down to is this: our love has remained constant. No matter what trying times we've been through, no matter what weight I've been at, no matter what our differences are, we've loved eachother. I'd be lying if I said becoming parents hasn't changed our relationship. It has..more than I probably thought it would, but we've kept our goals for our life as a priority. I can't imagine this life with anyone else.
So for Valentine's Day, and every other day, my devotion of love to my husband, Jordan. I love you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

C25k {week 1}

Last night I finished week 1 of the couch to 5k. Whoop whoop.
In the past I did the plan 5x a week instead of the recommended 3 because I really sucked at running. I was 250lbs and I had never run before. 
Now, there is really no time to run more than 3x times a week, literally. I take my son to daycare at 6am and I don't get off of work until 5:30pm Tuesday-Friday. By the time I get home I'm preparing for the next day. It's tiring.
So, running Saturday, Sunday & Monday it is.
Each day I went to the gym and did some shin stretches. In the past I've had a ton of shin problems. Surprisingly, I didn't have ANY issues with my shins on week 1. Maybe my $100.00 running shoes are finally broken in 2 years later? 
I followed the C25k program to the T: walk 5 min, run/jog 60 sec, walk 90 sec for 20 minutes. I was surprised how natural and easy it felt. Nothing like before when the 1 minute jog seemed to drag on foreverrrrr. I feel like I could have easily skipped week 1 and headed onto week 2, but I better just stay on track and run according to the program.

Here's to week 2!  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weigh In {8 weeks postpartum}

I think I'm finally getting caught up on my weigh ins! I will be 9 weeks postpartum tomorrow. For week 8, I weighed in at 212.4. So another -.6 loss..blah. I don't consider this very important considering the amount of breast milk I pump every day, but a loss is a loss. From my first postpartum weigh in I've lost exactly 6 pounds. I'm okay with that. I have 8.4 pounds to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. 
40 weeks pregnant vs. 8 weeks postpartum

So I am officially registered for my 1st 5k of 2013. I will be running the Prairie Fire 5k with my dad. It was a pretty spur of the moment decision, but running with my dad went so well last time. My plan is to do the Couch to 5k Saturday, Sundays and Mondays (my days off). There really is no time to get to the gym or away from the house Tuesday-Fridays. I've had success with C25k before so I'm confident I'll be ready to run the entire race. I'll update how each week of training is going.

This week I want to focus on water intake. I have really been slacking!! My food has been on track as I've been back to work. It really has helped to plan out my food the night before so I'm not searching for junk when I get hungry/bored at work. I am finding myself drinking 2 diet pepsis or Dr. peppers a day though. Not good. My goal is 80oz a day at least. It should help with breast milk supply as well.

That's all for now! See you next week :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finding {making} time

in that order.

I've learned that in order to be the best I can be at all of these roles I need to be healthy. Sometimes I wonder how I'm going to make the "right" choices when I'm rushing out the door at 6:00am to make it to work on time after I get my son to daycare. It would be so easy to grab a dougnut from the gas station for breakfast when I'm headed to work. I wonder, How am I going to find time to work out without the mommy guilt? Am I going to be a 6 year student to acheive my bachelor's degree? and what about my marriage when we see eachother a good 3 hours a day?

I have to make the time.
Because I want to be the best I can be.

Plan: I am a planner by nature. I plan my meals, my outfit (and my son's) for the next day, my meals, when I'm going to have the time to do homework, a date night, etc.
Luckily I have an awesome husband who helps a great deal around the house and is an awesome daddy. I know I couldn't juggle everything without him.

I also have a plan to train for my 1st 5k of the year. Remember my bucket list ? My goal is to run 3 races in 2013. I've signed up for my first on May 5th and will be sharing my plan tomorrow :) Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bradley {two months}

Bradley bear,
You are now two months old! I get so excited for your monthly updates, because I love to see how much you're growing and learning. But there is a part of me that wants to freeze time..I never understood why people said time goes by too quickly until I became your Mom! 

To say you are a big boy is an understatement! At 5 weeks you were weighing 13 pounds and at 8 weeks you weighed 14.4lbs! Your doctor was surprised you are exclusively breast fed. You are eating roughly 4 ounces every hour and a half. You keep mommy on her toes to make sure you have enough milk! You are still in size one diapers, but I'm almost positive I will have to return the two boxes of size ones I have left for size twos. You have officially started to wear 6 month clothing. We even had to go buy you more winter type clothes as most of your 6-9 month clothes are for spring/summer. I hope you can still wear your 6-9 month for at least the spring; you have some cute outfits!

This month you were "baby sat" for the first time. I use that term lightly, because mommy and daddy just made it through dinner and wanted to get back home to you, but your Aunt Tiffy and cousin Devin loved spending the time with you. All of your family members love you so much.

You also had your first illness this month. At first it was just a runny nose and little cough, but after two days we went to get you checked out by your doctor. Luckily it was just a cold and you never ran a fever, but you were plain miserable. It took about a week until all the mucus and cough went away. We are so thankful it was nothing worse and you are a very healthy boy!

We really worked hard on your sleep schedule this month as well, gearing up for when mommy goes back to work. At first, you were fighting sleep terribly and mommy and daddy just hadn't found the right moves to soothe you. You are a very picky sleeper so we found that we had to be very strict with your bedtime routine. Now, we start our night time routine at 8:30 and you are asleep by 9pm. You usually wake up around 1am-2am for a feeding and then right back to bed. We are still co-sleeping in our bed and that is working for us. Daddy works third shift, so we have the big king sized bed to ourselves! We are so proud of you and how well you are sleeping; we knew you'd grow to love sleep!

You have become so much more responsive in your second month. You smile all the time and LOVE to stick your tongue out and have people stick their tongues back out at you. You just think that is the greatest. You're coo-ing a lot, especially when we're getting ready for bed time. You love when daddy reads to you; you just stare at him in amazement. You love just taking everything in around you. We love that you are such a happy baby. You make us so happy.
Bradley, there are moments when I want to shout from the rooftops how lucky I am to have you. Sometimes it feels as if my heart is swelling when I look at you, no joke. I make it a point to cherish every single moment I have with you because they go by so fast. You are the love of my life and I don't think words can ever express how much you mean to me, but I will do my best the rest of my life to prove it to you!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weigh In {7 weeks postpartum}

Ugh, I'm so behind on posting. There's so many things I want to get posted, but lacking the time. But alas, I did weigh in for week 7. I weighed in at 213.0 which is a loss of .6. Not exactly what I wanted to see after last week.
40 weeks pregnant vs. 7 weeks postpartum
For 7 weeks postpartum I felt like I was just at a stand still. I wasn't feeling as motivated as I had the past 3 weeks. I had been thinking about how much more progress I need to make. Literally 50+ pounds eek. I started to second guess myself on my weight loss journey. I started craving all my faves..Dr. Pepper, Milk Duds, chips and queso etc. Then I read this post from Mama Laughlin and was inspired again. When she wrote that she took it one meal at a time it was like a breath of fresh air. I am constantly try to plan out all my meals and worrying about food. When really, I just need to make healthy conscious decisions one meal at a time. 
I have been doing Zumba on the Wii- 3x this {last} week. I like it an do break a sweat, but I like it at the gym better :-/ That has really been my only physical activity lately. But I have an announcement coming later this week with my plans to get in more exercise!
Here's to another week..striving toward the overall goal, but taking it one day at a time. Have a great week! I know I will...
My motivation :)