Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Extreme Couponing: Former Fat Bride style

I feel like my 1st time "extreme couponing" went well..and I learned so much:
1. Just because you have a coupon doesn't mean you have to use it!
2. There's not many "healthy" options while couponing..
3. It takes so much time and planning!
4. It's addicting!
I've been getting some emails asking me what I eat and what kind of groceries I buy. I've mentioned before that my husband and I only grocery shop once per pay period (once every 2weeks) and set a budget around $175-200 per trip. I'm hoping that by couponing we can reduce this cost so we can continue to save, save, save.
First, I went to Walgreens and Dillons (Kroger):
Total spent= $18.74
Saved approx $10.00 in coupons
Nivea=FREE, Head&Shoulder BOGO $4.99, Degree=.97 Fiber one cereal=1.80something
Here's Walmart (it took us 2 hours to grocery shop!):
Total spent= $94.07
Saved approx $20 in coupons
I definitely think prices at Walmart are MUCH better than Dillons even though they double coupons up to a $1.00. I'm no Extreme Couponer like those crazies on TLC: Extreme Couponing, but if I could save a dollar or two I'll take it :)


Lacey said...

Good Job!! :o)

Lynsey said...

You did great. Love that show!

.amy r. said...

Try writing the companies of the "healthy" products you like by paying them a compliment and they usually send coupons in return.