Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weigh in 4-15-11

Well, Friends, I am up +.4oz this week. Not cool, but hey, I know I wasn't perfect with my calories (1410 allowed daily) so I probably deserved the, it's TOM so that doesn't help either :( I think 3 days this week I went over my allowed calories on MyFitnessPal so will work harder with my food choices this week.
 I guess the cotton candy at the circus last night probably wasn't the best choice :-/
It was yummy though :)
And I had a great time with my niece, nephew, Mom and husband.
Ariauna, Elias, me, Mom on the trolley ride (I think my mom and I look a LOT alike here!)
yaaay the circus!
Friday night=date night at the!

Have a great rest of the weekend :o)
Wish me luck couponing...I will be back Sunday night to tell you how it went eek!


safire said...

Adorable pictures! I love the light blue cardigan with the color of your hair :) it's compliments it very well!

Have a great weekend!

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