Monday, August 19, 2013

Trip to Branson

Last weekend we took a very quick, last minute trip to Branson, MO as our last summer 2013 getaway. I will say this wasn't my favorite summer, and I wish we could have done more "family things" together, but things were just BUSY. Jordan took summer school, and the weather wasn't the greatest this season. But I'm glad we took this little trip. My mom and Jordan's cousin came along and it was a great time. Bradley did awesome on the car ride and in the hotel. I feel very thankful to have such an easy going baby!
On the first night after we checked into our hotel we went and checked out the outlet mall, which was within walking distance. Then we went to a BBQ place that had live music. Bradley loved all the music; one singer even came to our table and sang to him. Of course, I didn't have the camera. Mom fail.
The 2nd day we went to Silver Dollar City because they were having a great sale on tickets as their season was ending. I was surprised how well Bradley did in the stroller and in the park the whole day. He was perfectly content and loved looking around at everything going on. The park was super breastfeeding friendly which was very convenient; I appreciated all the nursing stations throughout the park. We rode rides, the train, saw a Louisiana Cajun style band play, ate ice cream, and just had a nice day..the weather was amazing!


I'm glad we were able to have this mini getaway. Life is about to get very busy!! Class started today; I am taking 6 hours and Jordan's taking 15 credit hours. Jordan is staying on top of his medical school applications. Oh yea..and we have those things called full time jobs, lol! We are also moving!! We are going to be renting a quaint little home closer to my family; we will be completely moved by the 2nd week in September. Whew!
I feel these next few months are just going to fly by, and next thing you know it will be time for Bradley's 1st Birthday :( Bring it on!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bradley's Nursery {update}

Finally getting around to posting this.
I know this is nothing weight loss/healthy living related, but my life is so much more than weight loss at this moment. I want my blog to evolve more to show Allie..not just the former fat bride, if that makes any sense.
Anyway, you can see my original post on Bradley's Nursery here 

So before..we had a very blank canvas over his crib:
I had looked everywhere for inspiration..blogs, Pinterest, magazines etc. Nothing was really "clicking." I bought a few items to start some projects and just never got around to them. I knew I wanted to have some framed pics of him, but that would require getting professional pics done, and having them on and so forth. So basically the above the bed project just stood at a stand still.

When we transitioned Bradley into his crib at night I first realized that we needed some bumpers. Poor lil' guy was smashing his face against the sides. But there in lied another dilemma. I could not find just a single crib bumper I liked!! I didn't want any cartoons or extravagant patterns, and I didn't want to pay a pretty penny!

I ended up ordering these bumpers from Carter's, because it just worked and didn't cost a fortune.
Here's the finished project:
 Before and After
I drive my husband crazy 98% of the time, but I'm glad he loves me :)
So the picture frames are from Hobby Lobby. I framed 2 pictures of him and one of my maternity pictures. I took a 11x13 frame and removed the glass and framed a B. It didn't exactly come out exactly 100% of what I envisioned, but that's okay because I never had a clear vision anyway :)
Bradley loves his nursery, and he's done SO WELL sleeping in his crib throughout the night. I will do a post on transitioning from cosleeping into the crib soon!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Weigh In

Hey all, guess where I'm posting from today?? You guessed phone!! I think my work computer secretly has blogger blocked from posting, even though I can log on and read/leave comments.
Anyway, I did weigh in at 203.4 this morning, which is exactly a one pound loss from last week. I need to get back to ONEderland. This is ridiculous.
I had a whole weeks worth of blog posts in my head..then I didn't blog all week! #fail
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Oh, and thanks for the comments last week about me not looking like I weigh 200+lbs. I took a front view pic today..I feel like I'm WIDE. Love handles, butt, hips, thighs. Oh, and upper arms. Anyway, here's where I'm at today.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Weigh in

Oh my goodness, I'm having issues posting on blogger again. What is the deal?! Highly annoying, but I'm blogging from my phone instead.
This week I weighed at 204.2. Yea. I said I'd never see the 200's again and I'm there. I hate this!!
I know what the problem is. I had a lot of emotional eating..more or less binges..over the weekend and it has taken a lot to pull myself out of that and get back on track. I'm still not 100% back on it yet, but at least I'm conscious about my actions in regards to what im eating.
So here's today..And cheers to a new week to turn this weight loss journey back around: