Monday, May 2, 2011

Arms Update {week#4}

Week 4 is down and my arms are still shaping up..thanks to the shake weight :o)
Here is where I started, week one, week two, and week three
This is where I am today:
left arm
right arm
You know, I wish I would have taken measurements when I first started doing the Shake Weight. Oh well, I guess I can't go back now. This week I did the Shake Weight everyday except once..much better than last week. I still have a lot of excess skin and stretch marks..but it seems like they are shriveling up and becoming a lot lighter in color. Obviously this will be always be a problem, but I am starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin. That's really all that matters in my weight loss journey.
Oh- I've had some readers email me asking me how long I plan on doing the Shake Weight. My answer: At least until the wedding I'm attending on June 11th. Maybe even after; it's low intensity, but enough of a work out to feel in my arms and easy to do before I go to bed every night.
Have a great week!! :o)
Btw, Hello to my new followers!! Once I get to 50 I will be hosting a giveaway..for you!


Lacey said...

Aww... you look so pretty! I'm so proud of you! :o)

safire said...

You look fab! I'm trying to tone up my arms too :) I have a wedding to attend the END of June that I want to look my best for!