Monday, April 11, 2011

Arms Update

So, I was feeling good about the Shake Weight..I've done it since last week. Sometimes when I'm doing the DVD I'll glance at my arms and see definition and really like what I see! Then the DVD is over and my arms just hang again :( I know it will take longer than one week though. Today's my week 1 is where I started. 

So, obviously not much of a difference?
BUT..on Saturday I did wear a short sleeved shirt and my younger sister told me I was looking really slim. That was nice. I was pretty much self conscience in a short sleeved shirt though :( Wish I could get over that :( I will continue on with the Shake Weight though. I like the's seriously only 6min, you can feel the burn and the girl in the video is likeable and easy to follow!
Todat after work I met with my Dad and we went on a run. We ran about 3.5 miles.
Here's my post 5k "glow":
Have a wonderful week :o)


Anonymous said...

Man, you're definitely making me think about running to the store and getting one. I would love to get some of the flab off my arms - it drives me crazy, especially during summertime weather!

Lynsey said...

You look too cute when you are done working out....I look like he!!.

safire said...

You look so great working out. I look like a mess haha! :) Best of luck on your journey.