Monday, June 25, 2012

Water Aerobics

I forgot to mention that I started taking water aerobics classes 2x a week starting about a month ago. I'm lovin' it. I've been going Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm-8:30pm. It's in an outside pool so I've been loving the Vitamin D I'm getting as well as moderate activity. I have noticed it has taken a lot of strain off of my back.
Last week I kind of started to get worried about all the hopping around I was doing with jumping jacks, lunges, etc. Did he have enough support in there or was I jerking him around too much?! So I googled and read this:

*Water aerobics provide the same workout for your heart and body as traditional classes without the risks of falls and other injuries. The buoyancy of the water requires you to support only 50 percent of your weight, which alleviates stress on your joints and muscles.
*Following a moderate water aerobics exercise plan during pregnancy can potentially make your delivery faster and less complicated by decreasing your need for epidural pain relief, according to a 2008 study published in "Reproductive Health."
That put my mind more at ease. Up until this weekend I was wearing my normal swimsuit, but I noticed that I was itching my stomach a lot during the class. I don't know if it was too tight or the chlorine was getting to me or what, but I ended up buying this  maternity swimsuit. Problem solved!
Oh, one more thing. I turned 18 weeks on Saturday. I ended up weighing myself and was verrrry nervous. Luckily I wasn't too appalled! I've gained 8.4 total. If I only gain another 15lbs the rest of this pregnancy I will be completely happy with that, but if not I will not beat myself up about it.
I have a few posts scheduled and in mind:
  • What I'm eating during my pregnancy
  • Nursery Inspirations
  • Pregnancy wardrobe for a hot summer vacation
  • Long overdue arms update
So stay tuned :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

Saturday was a day full of celebration!! I spent the afternoon celebrating my friend's beautiful daughter's 1st birthday and the evening celebrating our gender reveal party. It was an awesome and overwhelming day :)
We had about 25 people over to our condo for the party. It was cramped, but I'm so glad everyone was there to share such a special moment with us! I didn't take many pictures because I was running around all night!
Table decor
17 weeks pregnant! Pink or blue??
Some of team pink :) I was actually team healthy; my skirt was blue!
My mom and niece!
It's a BOY!

I'm so glad we ended up doing the gender reveal party. It really tested my patience, but it was such a special moment that almost felt unreal. I think it's finally hitting me that this is really happening! I've never been happier <3

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Gender Reveal!

We are having a..
little BOY!!
We are thrilled! I will do a recap ASAP :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My new favorite compliment

When I was on a strong weight loss streak I used to get really embarrassed when people would notice that I'd lost weight. I don't know why, exactly. It was nice that people could see that whatever I was doing was working, but I was always ashamed that people had to see me through my weight loss struggle. The whole "Oh, Allie, you're looking great!" "Oh, thank you!" <Geez, I wonder what they thought I looked like last year..> You know what I mean.

Now that I'm not losing weight, I'm loving when people notice my healthy eating habits. I didn't want to be that pregnant woman 'eating for two' and going crazy over cravings. Sure, I'm not going to deprive myself, but I know my limitations. When I started Weight Watchers January 2010, I really did change my eating habits and choices. That's what the program is all about, right? My favorite snacks are fresh fruit and raw veggies, no joke.

With my pregnancy, I haven't had too many 'cravings' really. I'm loving peanut butter, peaches, gala apples, peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwiches, watermelon, strawberries, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and huge, fresh salads (the kind with everything on it that probably aren't very good for you :)) Then there are the evenings where I reallllly need a chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell or Arby's curly fries. It was a need, ok? :)  

Until next time :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recap: 1st trimester

Hi :) This weekend I turned 16 weeks pregnant, officially 4 months! I say it every week to my husband, but I cannot believe we've made it this far. I mean, I always, always had faith, but I am just so thankful everything is going so well given my history.
Here's my 1st trimester recap. I thought about doing it weekly, but that's too overwhelming for me! I am just happy to be out of the 1st trimester :)

1st trimester: Weeks 1-14

Total Weight Gain/Loss for 1st trimester: 5.4lbs Very happy with this; my goal was 5lbs.

Maternity Clothes for 1st trimester: Not really. I had a pair of maternity capris that I wore a few times, but only because they were super comfy. I wore a lot of long tank tops and cardigans. I feel like that will be my maternity staple :)

Gender: We find out on Saturday, June 16th at our Gender Reveal Party !!
Movement in the 1st trimester: Not yet!

Sleep: Not too bad, really. We did buy a new King Size mattress over Memorial Day weekend so that has helped tons!! I go to sleep around 10pm-11pm every night. I really need 7-8hrs of sleep.

What I miss: Nothing really. Weight gain is kind of getting to me so I miss trying to LOSE weight.

Cravings: Fruit, peanut butter, mexican food !!

Symptoms: dry gagging if I smell something that doesn't agree with me. Gagging if I brush my teeth too long (weird), thirsty all the time (results in peeing every 40min or so).

Best Moment in the 1st trimester: There were a lot of 'best moments'!! I'd say announcing to our family, making it week to week, hearing a strong heartbeat and seeing proper growth from appointment to appointment.

Here are some pics from the 1st trimester. no, I didn't do weekly, because I didn't want to beat myself up about it if I missed a week. Plus, I wasn't always camera ready :) I didn't really see any changes in the 1st trimester, but I can feel my body changing now. 
Mother's Day 2012- announcing pregnancy to our families
14weeks- feeling great!!