Friday, December 3, 2010

Fat-Free Friday! (official)

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Today Here Comes the Sun, Many Sleepless Nights and myself are kicking off the first official blog hop for Fat Free Friday! We have all had very different journeys with weight loss & we hope to inspire & motivate you each week.  We also know that you have your own stories of inspiration.  We want to hear your stories as well!  Your loss, your gain, your goals, your rewards, everything!  We want this to be a place where any other blogger that is sharing our weight-loss journey can link up their blog and share their story.
For our first official week, we are all three hosting the blog hop and then we will alternate weeks in the hosting spot but we all will link-up and pass the link information on to our readers so you can link-up as well!  We don’t want you to feel restricted by tons of rigid rules, but we would like for you to follow as many other bloggers in the hop as you would like and if you feel motivated or inspired or meet a kindred spirit in your mutual love of chocolate cake, leave a meaningful comment on their weight-loss post!  Having a good support system is such an important part of the weight-loss journey and we hope that this blog hop is a place that you will find that!
This week for me...I am down -1.2 from my +2.4 gain after Thanksgiving. Hey, it's getting somewhere. This week also kicked off the 1st week of Weight Watcher's program PointsPlus. While I am weary of the plan, I an anxious to give it a shot. I bought the new PointsPlus calculator and dining out guide..they were on sale both for $10! Score! I'm going to give it 100% this week and put trust in the new program. Are any of you trying this new program? Tell me your experience with it so far!
I am also getting back to my regular work out routines this coming week. I was actually missing the gym {can you believe I'm REALLY saying that?!} I battled a sinus/ear infection last week and i'm finally feeling better so I'm ready to get my booty back in gear!
See ya!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December is here

I can have a bad month, right? November was it for me. I honestly think it was the worst month for me through my journey thus far. I didn't meet my goal of averaging 1 pound a week and I DIDN'T lose through Thanksgiving..I actually gained 2.4. I didn't post because I was embarrassed! Sorry for the lack of posting..I have felt extremely unmotivated. But this is December now, right? right!
I want to think that December is going to be better, but I'm worried. A LOT of changes are coming up.
We have a trip to Las Vegas planned on December 17-20th and then we are moving out of our house and into an apartment (to save $$ for my husband's schooling) on December 21st then of course there's Christmas.
I'm still 100% to meeting my ultimate goal by June 2011 of 150lbs soo I'm still trucking on! Good luck to everyone in the month of December!