Monday, February 27, 2012


Please remind me to never take a 9 month exercise hiatus again...
You know you got a good workout in when you can feel your sweat sweating :)
Had a great time at Zumba tonight with my bestie, but wow..I really forgot what all the class entailed. Non-stop moving for an hour. By the end of it I was forgetting right from left and I can only imagine how ridiculous I looked :) but oh well, I was sweating like crazy so that's what really matters.
This is a fact. I was jammin' on my way home.
These past few weeks I've been thinking that I need to get back into the gym. I really need to tone up. But did I want to go back to running? No :( The Arc Glider and Eliptical bore me most days. I thought back to when I was going to Zumba classes every Monday and Wednesday. I REALLY liked going. I actually looked forward to it. I want to get back to that feeling about exercise. I use to work out 4-5x a's just what I did. Now, I did rely on exercise too much. I was viewing exercise as 80% of the weight loss journey and healthy eating 20%. I need to find a happy median in there.
Cheers to getting back into the gym!

How did you do on water consumption today? Me= 68oz. Better luck tomorrow!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back to Blogging!

..and feeling so good about it :)Why did I stop blogging a few months ago? Eh, that's for an update for another day. But, my sincerest apologies. I'm excited to get back into the swing of things with blogging, working out, meal planning and just back into a good "routine" in general. I've been slacking.
Now..where were we?
Here's where I left you..
Here's me now:
So, a slight difference. Since October 24th, I am down 19lbs. Details later.
This is what I'm looking forward to sharing through my blog:
2. March 100oz. water daily challenge!
3. Infertility update
4. Weekly meal planning
5. Weekly Friday Weigh Ins!

I'll be back tomorrow!