Sunday, October 30, 2011

this and that

A little bit of this..a little bit of that..
Last night I ended up making this for dinner. I found the recipe off one of my fave blogs, The Domestic Wannabe !!

I ended up getting my hair cut last week. I needed it spruced up sooo badly! I am continuing to let it grow...

My addiction to Pinterest has continued to grow! Here are a few things I'm loving.

Oh wait, this is a weight loss blog, isn't it?
Well I lost -2.4 this week and continuing my routine. I am sticking to it; I reallly want to lose those 12 pounds.
Have a great week, everyone!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yikers, I think it's that time of year again where there are temptations everrrrrywhere. Especially at my new job. I'm working in the billing/financial office for a hospital that has an open cafeteria with ohh..just about anything you can imagine, except low calorie, whole, healthy food. How nice, right? Everyday is a battle to stay away and stick to my boring lunch I brought. Has anyone ever encountered this? How have you dealt? Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
Here's a scenario at work:
coworker: Allie there are chocolate covered pretzles in the cafeteria
{me thinking: how the hell does she know I looove sweet+salty..??}
Me: Oh, cool, thanks for letting me know! But I better stay away!
coworker: whyyy?! They're sooo good!
{me thinking: why?! Because I nearly weigh over 200lbs again, THAT'S why!}
Me: I'm just trying to watch what I eat! Need to lose some more weight!
coworker: ohhh girrrl, you look fine! They are so good!
{me thinking: OK enough!}
Instead I just smile and watch her eat that delicious snack...

Life just isn't fair all the time, is it? sigh! I'm trying to always keep this in my head when I'm faced with these temptations:
Happy Wednesday, everyone! Stay out of temptation zones!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Photos

Jordan and I got our pictures taken the last weekend in September for a great deal. I saw on Facebook that two sisters were starting their photography business and giving away mini sessions for $25.00! I figured I couldn't pass that deal up so signed up for a session and figured, hey if we only get a few good shots for Christmas cards then it was well worth it. I've been somewhat impressed..timeliness not so much, but quality for price not too bad. Here's a few of our {my} faves:
I sure wish I had a 28 week pregnant belly in these pictures or a baby in these family photos! There's always next year, right? Wishful thinking!

Monday, October 24, 2011


I love this :)
Let me just say..I'm lovin my new schedule. As I've previously mentioned, I've started a new position with a new company and have amazing hours!! At first I was apprehensive about leaving behind my Friday afternoons off, but I'm loving getting off at 4:30pm Mon-Friday. It has just been a really good change for me. Here's my new routine:

6:00am alarm goes off..I hit snooze until 6:30 :)
6:30-7:25 shower and get ready for work
7:55am arrive at work {on time!}
8am-4:30pm work {in training right now}
4:30pm-5:30pm head right over to the gym and get in a great hour cardio workout Monday-Thursday
5:30-6:00pm eat dinner at home
6:15pm leave for class Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
7:05-9:45pm in class
10pm-11:30pm homework, blogs, Pinterest, facebook, emails
11:30 make lunch for next day, pick out clothes, pack gym bag
11:45 SLEEP!
Repeat for the next day!

Let me tell feels SO MUCH better to have a routine and some structure in my life! There are times I wish there were more hours in the day, but I'm managing. Oh look, it's 6:08pm..gotta go to class! Ta-ta!

Friday, October 21, 2011

How I've gained 12lbs in a year.

That's right. 12 whole pounds. In a Year.
Anyway, I'm sure I know how this happened. I'm sure I have many excuses to justify this gain, but here's the truth: I got lazy. I didn't go on a binge, just pure laziness.
  1. I quit working out 4-5xs a week. Before I got pregnant/miscarried in June 2011 I was running and working out like crazy. After, I was so depressed that I just stopped even though exercise probably would have made me feel better.
  2. I quit tracking points/calories. I was tracking on the MyFitnessPal app partially..when I felt in the mood and was always in my calorie range, but never saw any changes.
  3. I quit planning my meals. I quit packing my lunches for work; I quit making a grocery list.
  4. I put my health as my last priority. I quit taking Synthroid, I stopped taking vitamins, I wasn't getting 8 hours of sleep, I wasn't drinking at least 84oz of water. I stopped caring about me.
So that, my friends, is how I gained 12lbs this year. I'm not even hitting the 50lbs lost mark anymore :-/ But this is going to change. It has to! I'm sorry I haven't been blogging, but I'm going to get back into that as well. Here's some previews of blog entries I have planned:
  • Infertility update (I got a newww diagnosis this month whoohoo)
  • Weekly Weigh Ins: getting real
  • Meal planning (and sticking to it)
  • My New Routine
  • Holiday decor and food preparation
  • Winter apparel
I'm bound and determined to lose these 12lbs..I want to say by the end of this year, but I don't want to set a lime limit on myself for fear of disappointment. But I am going to lose these 12 pounds. Thanks for the support!
Oh, I'll leave you with one of me and Jordan's new pictures. I'll post more soon!