Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I'm lovin' Wednesday

Oh my goodness, I haven't done one of these posts in ages. Today is still considered Wednesday, right? Ah, yes..2.5 hours to go until Thursday!
Although I'm striving to become a better me I need to take a step back and remember how truly blessed I am in life. Here's what I've been loving lately:

My hubby, obviously. I am so thankful for his love and support, and friendship. We make such a great team. Love him so much.
My baby bear Bradley. This boy is too much fun!! I cannot believe he is turning 8 months old this weekend! ahh my baby

KCUMB is a medical school we went to tour. Realllllly hope we end up in Kansas City for medical school fall 2014!!!
Lately I've been wearing the Revlon whipped foundation. LOVE. It really does last 24 hours..I actually feel like it looks better throughout the day. I bought this per the recommendation from Jaclyn Hill on YouTube.
and last but not least....
THIS post from Emily at Our Knight Life it was seriously one of the realest blog posts I've read in a long while regarding REAL life parenting behind social media. We all see the moms on Instagram and Facebook who's houses look perfect and their kids are dressed perfectly, etc etc. Emily was able to shed some light on how life isn't always so cookie cutter! It definitely made me feel better as I've had a hard time getting through my mind and letting go of that perception of the ideal mom who's shoes I don't always fill.
I'm sure there are tons of other things I've been loving, but this is what comes to mind right now!
Here are some posts I'm working on:
-Bradley's nursery update
-What I've been eating update
-August goals and how I failed miserably on July's goals
-Weigh in on Friday


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Becoming a better me

Life has been pretty overwhelming this past week or two. Some things have happened in my personal life that I'm choosing not to blog publically about. The only way to go from here is up, in my opinion.
I'm just me...Allie.
But I want to be a better me.
I want to be a better
My diet has been terrible. Plain and simple. I've gained a good 5lbs back. I haven't been the best employee; sometimes it is easy to get distracted by social media and not be as productive as I could be at my job. Little snarky comments have been exchanged between my husband and I..not the way I want to act towards my love. Just all these little things stack up and start to weigh me down. There are times I just want to hit a "restart" button.
I want that motivation to meal plan something fun and spontaneous to do for my little family. I guess my "restart" is now because I feel like I am falling into a major slump. Everything, except Bradley, is affected by my "slump." Bradley continues to be my #1 priority in every way, but there's always room for improvement to be the best mom I can be.
Have you ever felt like you were just in a major funk?
How did you get out of it?
Restart...starting NOW..


Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Oh friends..what an unexpected 3 week hiatus from the 'ol blog.
I didn't mean for it to happen that way, but I was having so many issues posting from blogger, and it was just a mess! I usually blog real quickly from work (oops!) but I've been super busy in that department as well. 
Now that Bradley is sleeping in his crib through the night (update on that soon) I should have some more time to blog in the evenings.

Oh, do you follow me on instagram??  alliemarshall627 I post a lot of foodie pics, and my sweet Bradley bear.

Anyway! Here's what's been up: After my Whole30 challenge was finished, I find of fell back into old habits. Not in the sense that I started eating a ton of fast food and gained all my weight back. In fact, I weighed at 199.8 this morning. So I am technically still in ONEderland, but I haven't lost any since I completed the Whole30. I've had a Dr. Pepper here, chips and salsa there, etc. Basically, just living and become really relaxed with my diet.
I've learned that doesn't work for me!! Sure, maintenance is great, and it's awesome knowing I can eat the things I love in moderation...but I still have a good 40lbs to lose!
This is what I need to keep reminding myself.

Anyway, that's what's been going on with me in the weight loss category. There are so many other awesome things going on in my life though. Bradley is growing like a weed and so so much fun. Jordan is on board the crazy train, also known as the medical school application process. We are enjoying our summer and trying to spend as much quality time together before the fall semester starts and life gets even busier. :)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Bradley {seven months}

On the 4th of July, we not only celebrated our country's independence, we also celebrated you turning 7 months old! Wow!! I say it every month, but you never cease to amaze us with all the growth you're making in only one short month's time. Your seventh month has been so much fun to see your motor skills developing, and your personality shine through. You are so awesome, and so much fun to be around!!
We made an impromptu doctor's visit this month, thinking you may have had an ear infection. Turns out, you were just having teething pain. No teeth yet, though! Where are those silly teeth?! At the visit you weighed in at 20lbs 5oz. Big guy! Not exactly sure of your length, but you are just about grown out of your baby carrier. You are wearing 9-12month clothing, and are in size 3 diapers still.

Eating has gone very well! We are doing a mix of purees and baby led weaning. We are very surprised at your coordination in picking food up off your tray and making it to your mouth. You have loved just about every food you've tried so far. You've had: sweet potato, carrots, peas, butternut squash, avocado, applesauce, banana, watermelon, and some other random foods from mommy and daddy sparingly. You are still drinking roughly 35oz of expressed breast milk daily.
Bradley bear, you are crawling!!..and fast! You started off with an army crawl, and within a week you were mastering the full on crawl. You can crawl to your destination and then switch to sitting upward, and vice versa. Another milestone you hit between six and seven months was transitioning to sleeping through the night in your crib. At first, it was harder on mommy then it was you. But you showed her how grown up you're becoming. As soon as your drink your night time ba-ba we lay you in your crib, hand you a paci and as easy as that, you roll over and fall asleep. It was much easier than we expected! You lay down at about 9pm and sleep until mommy wakes you up at 6am to leave for daycare. On weekends, you sleep until about 7:30-8am. We are so proud of you!

This month we have gone swimming a few times. You don't mind the water, but you're only amused for so long. You prefer bath time to splish splash around over a large pool :) You also love being around your Mimi and Cappy and your cousins. You love to "talk" to everyone too. You loved spending time with your Aunt Sidney before she moved to Florida, and you enjoy clapping and waving to her on Skype! Everyone loves being around you; you are such a joy, Bradley!
Baby bear, we love you so much. I think that's all there is to it! We love the cuddles, the kisses and hugs on demand..just everything! We love that you keep us on our toes around the house and with all of your new developments. We love being your parents! Happy seven months, sweet boy.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Weigh In

Hi friends, this is going to be a quick update as I'm posting from my phone. I've been having multiple issues with posting on blogger. I don't know what the deal is, but everytime i go to compose it says there is an error on page and won't let me type anything! Frustrating. So if you have any clue as to what may be going in please let me know!
Anyway! I have been weighing in on Fridays despite my lack of posts these past 2weeks. Sometimes life gets too busy! I weighed in at 199.0 today which is really just maintaining from my last weigh in. The 4th of July weekend was rough, so get back into the 100s after eating like crap was my main goal!
Next week will be better. I have 2 runs scheduled and I'm sure I will be on my toes chasing around my crawling 7 month old! Have a great weekend :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Weigh In {late}

The weekend flew by. I did weigh in last Friday and had every intention on posting, but it was a busy long weekend for me. I took off work for a little "stay-cation" Thursday (for my anniversary) and Friday. I'm also working on an awesome giveaway coming soon (hopefully this week) because....
I'm in ONEderland!!
Seriously, I was so happy on Friday morning when I weighed..I have not seen that # since 2011! It was an awesome feeling to know that not only am I back at pre-pregnancy weight, I am now 5lbs under. I am feeling better than ever and still eating a 85% Paleo diet. Mark my words...I will never be in the 200's ever again.
For the month of June I ended up losing a total of -3.8lbs. I'm pleased with that. A new month equals new goals.
For July:
  • Meal plan for every week & stick to it!
  • Lose 4lbs (1lb a week..should be attainable)
  • 80oz of water a day
What are your July goals?
Thanks again for all your continued support on my weight loss journey. The first goal of getting back to onederland has been met; now it's all downhill from here to the ultimate goal!