Monday, April 25, 2011

Arms Update {week#3}

It's Monday..
& that means it's time for an arms update! You can see where I started here, Week #1 here and Week #2 here.
This is Week #3:
left arm
Right arm
I don't see a whole lot of difference from last week which is disappointing. I am noticing A LOT of shiveled up skin closer to my arm pit area. I guess that's what 50lbs lost is, but I'm still going to tone that up as much as possible. I am seeing a difference in the bulge by my elbow, but still have a long way to go.
I did, however, find a pretty disturbing picture off an old memory card. I believe this picture was taken last summer. I think I took this because I was going to do an arms series similar to this on my blog, but was too embarrassed to post this picture:
Yikes! That puts things into perspective as to where I started, where I'm at now and where I wanted to be!
All hail the might Shake Weight!


safire said...

There's a HUGE difference. I dislike my upper arms the most too. Whatever you are doing, it's working!

I'm trying to tone them with yoga and strength training!

Lynsey said...

Huge difference from the older pic. I have funky stretch marks on the back of my arms so I am never comfortable sleeveless.