Thursday, November 1, 2012


Novemberrr! The month I've been waiting on! This is the month I will become a MOM and my life will never be the same. Excited is an understatement, but I have many other emotions as well. Nervousness, fear of the unknown, utter joy and love consume me.
36 weeks pregnant <3
I've made a goal for November after checking out my bank account yesterday. We will not be going out to eat this month. Last weekend, we spent $70.00 on dining out alone. No joke. With bringing in a baby and all those added expenses, there's just no way we'll be able to afford that. Plus, it's just not healthy to be eating out that much. I've noticed more swelling in the past few days. Not sure if it's just the final stages of pregnancy, but it definitely could be the amount of sodium and crap I've been eating. I have not been eating well. Simple as that, and Jordan really hasn't either. He's been complaining of feeling "gross" too.
So, no eating out for November. I'm going to be making some freezer meals in preparation for Bradley's arrival (I will be doing a post on that, if you're interested!). Also, I'm going to get really organized with my meal planning. I'm obviously in a very "nesting" mood trying to get everything done and as ready as can be for our sweet boy's arrival. I'm anxious to see how much money we can save from not eating out and if it makes a difference in my comfort level in the last few days :)
See you soon.