Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In my first entry I mentioned I had some health problems in the year 2009. I feel I should elaborate, because it is a strong reason why I started my weight loss journey. To become healthy is my main concern..all the extra stuff like clearer skin, cute clothes, etc are bonuses :)

Let me start off by saying I've been pregnant twice. Unfortunately, both have resulted in miscarriage. I first found out I was pregnant on March 14, 2009 when I was engaged. Jordan and I were overwhelmed with happiness! Then came along all the morning sickness, bad smells, crankiness, but I was still overjoyed none the less. We saw our baby's heartbeat at 9 weeks and everything seemed to be progressing normally. When I was just a few days shy of 14 weeks, I woke up with terrible back pain and pressure. Jordan called my OB and she advised us to go to the hospital to be checked out. We did as instructed, but were treated very unkindly in the ER. I was asked what my pain level was from a 1-10. When I said TEN!! I got a lot of eye rolling. I had an ultrasound which I was able to see the baby's strong heartbeat. An hour later we were told I was fine, but that I had a UTI. I was given antibiotics and sent home. Thirty minutes after we got home is when I had the miscarriage. I will spare the gory details..let's just say I wouldn't wish it upon even my worst enemy. A few days later, I had my DCN procedure and were told we could try again in 6 weeks. We did just that! Six weeks after we were married, we were pregnant again on the first try! I had the names picked out, the nursery whether it be a boy or girl and was ready to start shopping at week 4. Sadly, at week 7 is when I had my second work. Devastated, I wanted answers.

I switched to an OB specializing in high risk pregnancy and she is the one who noticed that I had Hypothyroidism through labwork. Basically, I wasn't producing enough horomones for my body/baby. That also might have explained my 40+ weight gain (all in one year), my lack of motivation..feeling tired all the moodswings..and my miscarriages. My horomones were all over the place! I was put on Synthroid 50mg and after 6 weeks, they upped my dosage because my labwork was still not "normal." After quite a bit of experimentation with the medicine, my lab results finally came back "normal" and I was starting to feel a little better. Then I joined Weight Watchers and the rest is history.

I decided to get healthy because my future family depended on my healthiness. This journey has not been easy by any means, but it will be worth it in the end when my husband and I can start our own family. I've not given up hope in having a healthy pregnancy; I just know it isn't time yet. If you have any questions regarding miscarriages or hypothyroidism please feel free to contact me at amarshall627 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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