Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My favorite excuses..

So, I'm sitting at work with the last twenty minutes of the day to go. I have the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. The devil is saying "You don't need to work out, you have a headache and Teen Mom is on tonight! Go home and relax!" The angel is saying "Hey! You are fat! How are you going to meet your goals by sitting on the couch?! Plus, the workout may give you a burst of energy to fight that headache away."
I know what I have to do to meet my goals. The past five years have been excuses. Here are some of my favorite:
It's too hot. (hmm the gym is air conditioned..)
It's too cold. (all the more reason to SWEAT)
I have a headache. (This is my #1. Sometimes I act like I'm paralyzed if I get a headache)
My TV shows are on tonight. (OK Allie, your fave shows are on MTV, E! and bravo..they replay a million times..you'll catch it eventually)
I don't want to go alone. (What the heck? Weight loss is the journey of YOURSELF, no one else!)
I'm sore. (That means you're working hard, don't give up!)
I'm tired. (Sleep after the workout)

What are some of your favorite excuses?

Sometimes I just need to whine a little then I'm back on track with what I need to do. Thanks for letting me vent here. I've been getting frustrated lately..even thoughts have been popping into my head such as: Is this even worth it? Why am I working so hard to lose one measly pound?  But I just have to push those thoughts out of my head and look at the long term goals and the acheivements I've made so far. So, my twenty minutes are up..off to the YMCA I go!

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