Sunday, September 12, 2010

WW weigh in 9-10-10

Okay, so I'm a little late with my weigh in post. I was stalling because I was waiting for someone to take a full body shot of me. I have been home alone 95% of the time (hubby working long, late hours) and honestly I haven't worn much makeup this weekend and my hair has been in a pony tail most of it! So, I will do a weigh in post minus a picture. No big deal.
This week at Weight Watchers I lost -1.4lbs. I'm fine with that. Obviously I want to lose more, but I am grateful for what I lose because I know I am doing the "right" thing by tracking and working out. I will continue on this journey even if it's one pound at a time.
This week my goal is to be on top of all my food (tracking everything, portioning all food out) and working out Monday-Thursday hard. And I need to keep running because that 5K is coming up quickly with every passing day. This past week I slacked on the running. This is a new week though!
Ohhh...and who's ready for season 10 of The Biggest Loser?!?!
Can't wait until September 21st!!


Tiffany said...

-1.4lbs is great in my book! I'm struggling to lose weight, oppose to maintaining! I didn't know The Biggest Loser started on 9/21, SO EXCITED!!!

KStan said...

Great job on the slower pace, though 1.4 is in my book a great pace.

Kimberly said...

your doing great! I always say at least you didn't gain! any lose is great!!