Thursday, September 23, 2010

How I got to where I am now..

I've compiled a few photos to show how I've got to the weight I am now..
I can no longer be in denial..
2005- 150lbs

2007- 165lbs flight attendant interview
2007- 170ishlbs after flight school graduation
2007- 175ishlbs size 13 dress
2008- 180ish lbs size 15 jeans
2008- 195lbs

The day I met my future husband :) 195lbs
2008- 195lbs
2009- engagement pictures..215lbs pregnant and didn't know it yet.
2009- 220ish lbs.
Our wedding day 6-27-08 at least 225lbs

2009- 225ishlbs
The WORST before of me EVER 2009- 230lbs

I look at these photos, especially the last few, and I don't ever want to look like that again!!


:Deliciously Healthy said...

Soon you will have a set of photos going the opposite direction, and you'll be able to see all your hard work pay off!

P.S. You are gorgeous in ALL those pictures!

Former Fat Bride said...

Yesss! I need to start getting those pictures together :)
Thank you!!!