Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So, today I was emailing back and forth (something we do daily) with my friend Marlene..we usually talk about favorite blogs we read, what we're having for lunch, tv shows, who is annoying us..etc etc the list goes on. Today it went a little like this: (M= Marlene, A=Me)
M: What time tonight? 8:30 or earlier?
A: How about 8:00pm [to go workout]
M: Sounds good. What is Week 4? [Couch to 5K]
A: 5 min walk warmup, jog 3min, walk 90sec, jog 5min, walk 2 1/2min, jog 3min, walk 90sec, jog 5min.
M: Ok! So we just have to think it's only TWO more min (running) vs. 3min. We can do it!!!!! Insert Mental Cheesiness.

I know when I'm working out hard (specifically when I'm running) my mind is constantly flowing with things such as: "You got this! You can do this! You are the next Kim Kardashian!" psht yeah right. But seriously, it helps me. Last night I had a realization..I truly believe weight loss is 90% mental. So when you tell yourself over and over you can or want to do something, determination will set it and you.will.do.it!! Kind of like people who lie all the time..they lie so much that they start to believe their lies. Start believing you can lose weight! Seriously, once you change your attitude you can begin to change your whoooole life!
What are some of the sayings you use as your [insert mental cheesiness]??

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