Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Run4Moore 5k recap

On Friday I saw a posting on Facebook about a charity fun run for the tragic tornado that had devastated Moore, OK earlier in the week. It was sponsored by the same local running company where we did the Run for Boston 5k. I called my dad up and asked him if he wanted to run with me..he said sure!

But oh my gooodness, 7am came early. There must be a trend with my oversleeping on mornings of races because I woke up at 6:30am! My dad overslept too, but he hurried over to pick me up and we were scrambling to get in line and off to running on time.
We stayed behind the pack again, but this time I took off faster than my dad so we were separated the first 2.5 miles. This was different for me because we always  run side by side. So to be running by myself..and ahead of him? Was weird for me. I would look back and I couldn't even find him.

It actually threw me off some and I ended up stopping to walk before the 2nd mile, which I never do, not even during "training." I think my groove was just "off." Anyway, I kept a pretty same pace with this older, heavier woman. She was so hardcore..she ran/jogged the whole time..and when I was slowing down and wanted to stop she encouraged me not to. I didn't even know this lady, but she believed in me! I wanted to tell her thank you after the race was over, but she kept on running..that's how hardcore she was. She may not have been the fastest, but she kept going. It was really inspiring.

Anyway, I ended  up catching up with my dad in the 3rd mile. I had stopped because I got my first injury! Apparently my sock had fallen down and I was rubbing my heel raw?! My foot was bleeding and there was blood on my shoe. Not cool. But I kept going and we finished in about 45 minutes. Nothing official as it wasn't a timed race.
Overall, this run was pretty weak for me. I know I can do better. I stopped 3 times. My dad and I have an official 5k coming up on June 8th and I'm determined to do better.


Lynsey said...

I ran with someone I didn't know at my Color Run too. (She was part of my team but I had never met her.) It was awesome to have her there when I wanted to stop. Running is such a great community of people.

I saw that pic of your foot on IG and it made me cringe. I get blisters in that very spot when I start running with new shoes so I know how bad it sucks.

KStan said...

Allie, you've got to love the running community! And then tonight we saw a deer on our run and a lady with a Toto dog in her basket while she was riding her bike. It was so outdoor Kansas.