Wednesday, May 15, 2013


From my previous posts anyone can tell that I've been struggling with my weight loss journey. Not just with weight loss, but the desire to eat healthy and exercise. I'd rather eat a doughnut every morning for breakfast. There, I said it! However, we all know that's no way to live. So I was trying to come up with some type of plan {you are know I'm a planner by now, right?!} and stumbled across the Whole30 challenge.

From what I understand, Whole30 is basically the Paleo diet. It is just a jumpstart in the right direction of eating whole foods, which is what I need. I rely too much on carbs to become full and sugars for energy. In the end, they both make me feel sluggish and unmotivated. Ain't nobody got time fo dat.

A few of the meals I've been eating.

So, I've put together a meal plan. I found the breakfasts' were the hardest to plan as I do not like/eat eggs! But so far, I'm on Day3 and noticed that it is very manageable. Do I miss my Dr. Pepper? uhh..yea!! But I'm hoping this "magical" feeling that people say they feel by following this lifestyle will surface in the next few days.
Here is my 5 days meal plan, after day 5 I will post a new plan for days 6-11:

Day 1- Monday:
Breakfast: apple w/ peanut butter
Snack: banana
Lunch: avocado chicken salad
Snack: carrots w/ hummus
Dinner: Pork chop and veggies

Day 2- Tuesday:
Breakfast: turkey bacon and banana
Snack: peanuts
Lunch: leftover pork chop & veggies
Snack: apple
Dinner: salsa chicken

Day 3- Wednesday:
Breakfast: turkey bacon
Snack: banana and strawberries
Lunch: leftover salsa chicken
Snack: peanuts
Dinner: turkey meatballs w/ spaghetti sauce & veggies

Day 4- Thursday:
Breakfast: strawberries and banana
Snack: peanuts
Lunch: leftover meatballs
Snack: apple with peanut butter
Dinner: ground turkey and pepper blend

Day 5- Friday:
Breakfast: turkey bacon and apple
Snack: carrots and hummus
Lunch: leftover ground turkey and pepper blend
Snack: peanuts
Dinner: steak and veggies

I will keep weighing in on Fridays even though the challenge says not to weigh yourself. I weigh to stay motivated, so whatevs! I'm in no way an expert on this, I'm just following people on instagram and pinterest for ideas in hopes of learning some better eating habits and shedding a few pounds. Follow me on instagram: alliemarshall627 for daily photos of the #Whole30 challenge and of course of my beautiful baby Bradley!

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