Thursday, May 23, 2013

Marshalls do Med School {intro}

As medical school application time approaches, I wanted to reflect on where we came from and where we're going. I plan to document our entire journey into medical school and thereafter. Every week I'm going to do a "Marshalls do Med School" update. Here's a look back to where it all began..

Let's go back roughly 4 years ago.
Jordan and I were newly married and living it up. Restaurants, take out or fast food every night, decorating our first home, weekend trips here and there, date nights pretty much all weekend long, etc. You know, newlywed bliss. We were wracking up some credit cards, but we were so happy in love that the world was our oyster, right?! wrong.
About 9 months into our marriage we sat down and evaluated where our life was headed. Debt and two pretty much entry level jobs. We were making approximately 50k annually, combined. It wasn't the best situation so we decided we needed to make some changes in order to get anywhere in this life together. My change was losing weight and feeling happier about myself. Jordan wanted to go back to school. I totally supported him because I knew his intelligence. Jordan is one of those "too smart for your own good" know that type that is so brilliant but sometimes lacks common sense? Yep, that's my hubby :)
So, originally he wanted to go into nursing. Great, he already worked at one of our local hospitals as a tech and enjoyed his job. He had previously went to college for two years after high school, but stopped due to lack of funds and motivation. It had been five years since his last class so he really had to start from complete scratch..I'm talking like College Algebra start over. So, anyway, after meeting with an advisor she shook her head "no no are way to smart and will become bored being a nurse. You need to become a DOCTOR!" and that's where it all started...

Next week: the MCAT

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