Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Run for Boston

Yesterday my dad and I decided- spur of the moment- to run the charity 5k fun run for Boston. Apparently that was a nationwide event for the one week anniversary of the tragic bombing. I just happened to see the event on Facebook the Sunday prior.
My dad and I had a 2 mile run scheduled and I just happened to bring it up to him to see if he'd be interested as a "practice" run before our timed 5k on May 5th- he said sure!

**Oh- and one thing, I wanted to wear blue to honor the Boston marathon runner, but I didn't have a blue running shirt. So I picked this up from Walmart- incredible for $6.00!

The run was supposed to start at 6:30pm, but there was a DOWNPOUR of rain. Seriously, I was getting nervous. I hardly ever wear a jacket to run (I get way too hot) but I knew it wasn't going to be good running in freezing rain without a jacket. So, we waited around a bit to see if the rain would let up. Since this was just a fun run there wasn't an official "Go!" so people were just going whenever.
When the rain trickled off a little bit we headed out. It was still sprinkling and kind of cold, but no too bad. I just kept thinking of the victims at the Boston marathon- TRUE athletes- and that was my motivation.
Being that this wasn't a timed race there were quite a few walkers and kids..and strollers-which is fine- but I was using a lot of energy to pass them. About a mile in it started downpouring again. Not cool. But we kept going and finished- not stopping once!
This makes me super anxious for our race on May 5th. I know it's going to go great :)

I'll leave you with my sweet baby Bradley- my rolling over machine!

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Lynsey said...

Awesome job! I didn't find any runs near me so I just did 4 miles on the treadmill. I was going to do 2.62 but then the news came on and I kept wanting to watch so i just kept running.