Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bradley {five months}

Heyyy my sweet boy Braddle! I cannot believe you are a whole five months old! It has been another awesome month with you, learning and growing. I'm surprised you know your name- we call you such a variety of thing: Sweet boy, Braddle, Brad, Booboo, drooly monster, baby bear, Bradley bear, and probably a million other cutesy names. We love you so much!

These pictures are almost impossible to take these days- you want to be on the move! You aren't quite sitting up unassisted yet, probably soon. You are rolling over like crazy- you hate staying on your back unless we are hovering over you and talking/playing. You also hate sleeping on your back. You mostly stay on your side, tummy, or in the fetal position. Speaking of sleep..where'd my all night sleeper go?! This past month I've gotten up with you at least once every night to give you a ba-ba (bottle).

You are wearing mostly 9 month clothing, and will probably already move yon to 12 month clothes this summer! You are still in size 2 diapers, but we will probably move you up to size 3 in the next month or so. You are just a really healthy, big boy. You are still exclusively breast fed (from a bottle), but mommy is having a really hard time keeping up. We will be introducing food to you in the next few weeks. The high chair is put together, and you love sitting in it with your toys. I have no doubt you will love food!
Bradley, you are such the little talker! You babble constantly "ba ba ba" & "eeee" are your most common sounds. You also "talk" yourself to is the sweetest thing. You love to put anything and everything in your mouth- especially your toes. No teeth for Braddle bear yet- soon, I'm thinking.

You giggle so much! It has been awesome. Some of my favorite moments this month have been on our Monday mornings together we lay in bed together and babble and giggle. It makes my whole day. You laugh at daddy so hard- especially while playing "peek-a-boo!" Another thing you love is when daddy scares you! You get startled and then crack up! I love it.  

Bradley, it is hard to remember what life was like without you in it. You make our whole day a little more worth while! You remind us that all of our sacrifices we make will be worth it in the end; a better life for you! You keep us on our toes, but always smiling. We hope you know how very, very much we love you!

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