Monday, March 26, 2012

Stepping away from the scale

For a little bit!!
I'm currently holding steady at 204.2 and can't seem to get past the 204's SO..
I decided to take a step back and look at my DIET:

A Dr.pepper here, heavy salad dressing there..a little taco bell here, mcdonalds there..
It all adds up.
Even when it's in moderation, it's still there. It's funny because I get told by my coworkers all the time "You are so dedicated! You eat so well!" When they are eating cheesecake that I so desperately want from the cafeteria.
While I do think I have a pretty good hold on the healthy eating bit, there's always room for improvement.
I'm currently on day#4 without caffeine and going to stick to it. I usually think I need that Dr. Pepper "pick me up" in the afternoon, but I've learned that a banana has the same effect. Who would have thought?!
I'm also going to be sticking to a low sodium diet. That means NO fast food, NO caffeine, NO smart ones (as convenient as they are they are outrageous in the sodium dept) NO chips..
Low sodium means..whole fruits and veggies and lean meats like chicken and turkey.
In the next few days I'll be sharing what I've been eating and some low sodium recipes.
Thanks for your continued support on this blog :)
Here's a picture of me and my 5 year old niece over the weekend. She spent the night and definetly kept me on my toes!!


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