Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Terrible quality photo, but J and I had such a great time cheering on our Jayhawks! We had the family over to watch the game. We ended up ordering pizza..maybe not the healthiest choice ever, know how I feel about convenience. All about portion control people..2 slices of meat lover's pizza= 680 calories. Ouch. I'm going to round up to 800 calories for the night because I hit up the veggie tray a bit.
My nephew, sister, Mom, niece, me, Dad
Can't wait for the CHAMPIONSHIP game!

Today I'm just relaxing, some housework and homework and gearing up for another week ahead of me!
Have a happy, healthy week full of healthy choices :)
I have to keep reminding myself that being healthy is not only about losing weight :)

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