Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Well...I didn't exactly stick to my "no eating out" goal tonight.
My husband got out of class early, but we both had homework to get done in the evening so instead of going home and cooking, and then having to do dishes.. we met for dinner :)
We met at Doc Green's and I had the Dr. Fiesta salad. I looked up the nutritional value and it said it was 437 calories, but I'm going to round up to 500 calories.
Afterwards we stopped by Orange Leaf and they had my favorite back!! Birthday Cake Frozen Yogurt! I was so happy that I started clapping in the shop. No one was looking at me though ha. No worries :) I had a small portion..J even said "that's all you're getting?" So that must be a good sign.
It was a good evening with my love. With our schedules, sometimes we need a little time out of the house. I feel fine about it because I made healthy choices annnnnd...I got over 100oz of water in today.

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