Thursday, March 15, 2012


Have you ever had that moment where you think:
I need to eat that to get it out of the house!
Eek, what is my prob? This exact issue happened not once, but twice 1st occurence was when I saw there were 3 Girl Scout cookies left. I need to eat those to get rid of them, right? Wrong.. (but I did anyway=210 calories), thennn..there was some Pepsi left in a 2 liter. I helped myself to a glass (150 calories).
And..I was about 300 calories over my daily alotted amount (1410 calories daily)
Hmm..I wonder why..

Everyday is hard. I struggle so badly! I wonder if a healthy lifestyle is ever going to "click" for me. Like, am I EVER going to want grilled chicken, over fried..or water over Dr. Pepper? These are the types of struggles I have. Making the "right" [healthy] choices when it comes to food. Sigh.

I'm a complainer, I know. I'm going to continue to keep struggling until it does click and become easier though. More sighs. I am back to tracking on my myfitnesspal app though..WOW..I forgot how accountable that application kept me. I don't want it to be 3pm and notice "Oh dang I can't eat dinner tonight since I'm over my calorie intake!"
Struggles mean you're fighting the battle, right?
Former Fat Bride


Lynsey said...

I wonder if it will ever click myself. I know how much better I feel when I'm eating healthy but that doesn't stop me from wanting pizza and other junk.

I want so badly to be one of those girls who naturally turn away from fast food but you know what, sometimes I really want it.

I went months without eating out and I know I will survive without it but a treat is nice every once in a while.

Don't worry about going over 150 one day. Take it out of the next day or go for a little jog. That is what I love about calorie counting!

And yes, struggling is part of the battle. Head up!

Julie said...

This is me..every day. Every. Day. I am struggling to lose the last 30 lbs from my pregnancy..which was over TWO years ago. I did the exact same thing with ice cream tonight. My son is 'underweight'. I am under doctors orders to feed him fattening food. Sooooo...I bought him ice cream. But I keep eating it. UGH. I don't even want to buy him ice cream anymore, cause I keep eating it!! It makes me feel so bad. I wanted to lose this weight before summer..because fat/hot is not a good combo. But here I am, just a few months before summer, and I'm still 30lbs overweight. So I get it...boy do I get it.