Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slim Away Adjustable Slimming Garment

Ok..Don't make fun of me :) But I purchased one of these:
hehe :)
So I had a $5.00 off Bed Bath & Beyond coupon and this product was only $10, so I don't see it as a huge loss even if it doesn't work. I think the main reason I got it is because I do have an issue with my mid section. I feel like I carry a lot of weight in my mid-section and hips/thighs.
I mainly got it to wear when I work out. The reviews are right; it is a very bulky material and it's uncomfortable so I don't know how anyone could wear it with everyday clothes.
That is a really awkward picture, sorry :) Unfortunately, or fortunately (however you look at it) it fits to the tighest zipper so I will only be able to use it for awhile. I wore it to Zumba tonight and I felt like I did sweat more (it is a really heavy material) and when I took it off, it was drenched in sweat.
So yes, this was a total off the wall purchase. J was completely embarrassed that I was buying it! But whatever, it's worth a shot. I'm a sucker for anything weigh loss related :)
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Fit Mom said...

I got one that is similar from BB&B. It is made of neoprene so it makes you sweat around the midsection. And mine closed with velcro.

My feeling is that if it makes you sweat more, then it is worth it. Plus it provides some back support for working out too.

Fit Mom said...

I just looked it up...mine is called the Belly Burner. So if you lose weight and this one doesnt fit anymore, check out the one I have. Just make sure you rinse it off after you wear it! LOL Gross!

Lynsey said...

Well, that isn't what I thought you were going to say! Looks uncomfy. I am a sucker for weight loss junk too!

Eve said...

It looks uncomfortable but if it works then it's worth it isn't it? I think it would be good to wear for exercise if also supports you or "holds you in" when you work out! I might look into getting one if it helps even a little bit! lol =)

Danie said...

I kinda wanted one of those! Lol.