Monday, March 5, 2012


I have a new obsession..
It's the strawberry-oranges-banana drink mix. It is freaking awesome.
It's the Market Pantry Target brand and it makes getting through my 100oz of water a day so much easier. I only drink one mix in 32oz, and it's sugar free and 5 calories. Perfect.
The girls and I have a little stash at work..I've got them on the 100oz h2o daily train :)
Here's our options:
I really like that Crystal light Green Tea Mango on the right...buttt it stains my thermos. Not sure why! But it makes it look moldy which is way weird so if anyone has any suggestions with that, let me know! I'm not a huge fan of the Crystal light energy (it tastes like orange juice and kool laid mixed's kind of thick tasting?) but it has a lot of B vitamins so it can be a nice little pick me up in the afternoons. and then of course, Benefiber for you know... :) They were on sale. They are usually kind of pricey.
so, needless to say, I'm getting my water consumption in. and of course, I drink plain water too. No worries there.

Do you find these type of drink mixtures help with your water intake? Pros/cons? Faves?


Fit Mom said...

To mix it up for me, I put fresh sliced lemon in my water and keep a gallon of it in my fridge.

OR I make sassy water which will also help detox you.

One lemon sliced
One cucumber peeled and sliced
10 mint leaves
1 tsp fresh grated ginger.

Very refreshing.

I stay away from the Crystal Light etc, because it contains artificial sweetener and I try to eat clean. Nothing against them, just not my thing. And if it helps you get all the water drank that you need for the day, more power to you!! It is very hard to drink 100 oz a day!!

AceRunn said...

I am really digging a Starbucks Passionfruit Tea Lemonade knockoff that I found lately. 1 Packet of Crystal Light Pure (No aspartame, its made with sucralose) mixed with 2c water, and 1 bag Tazo Passion tea, steeped 5 minutes in 2c water. Combine. It is SO.GOOD! And no harmful chemicals!

You can double it all and make enough for a pitcher as well.