Thursday, March 8, 2012


Jen, a PriorFatGirl posted reminders on why she wants to stay healthy. I need to do this post too, because just like her, Every so often I need to remind myself why I'm on this journey. Sometimes I lose sight of the goal and need reminded as to why I fight so hard for every single pound that comes off my body.
  • Fertility; I really do feel like by losing the weight I have it has helped with infertility. Sorry if TMI, but because I lost some weight, I ovulate every month and have a very regular cycle.
  • Babies; Kind of ties in with Fertility, but I want to be a fit and active mom. I want to be the mom out there running around with my kids. I also want to be that cute mom toting around some cute bebes. You know, that mom.
  • Vanity; I want to wear cute clothes mostly. I don't want to have to shop in the stores that only sell plus sizes like I once did. I also don't want to have to hide my arms all.the.time.
  • Money; Being healthier saves me $$..buying groceries instead of eating out, less frequent dr's visit to pay for, etc.
  • To feel good about myself; I want to be able to go to family functions, school, out with friends and not be so self-conscious all the time about how I look. It gets old.
  • The Doctor's Wife; This is a little ways off..good thing I'm starting early! My husband is only a year away from starting the interview process for medical school. An unhealthy physician's wife isn't a good look!
  • Wifey status; Speaking of which, I want to be a hot wife. I don't want to be a lethargic, sloppy wife.
  • Energized; I don't want to spend my days at home, lounging them away (which has been frequent lately) I want to be out and about, enjoying family, friends, movies, shopping, etc. I love my sleep, but I need to minimize to 8 hrs daily.
This list is ideal, but what I'm aiming for. Every day isn't perfect, so a little reminder is nice every once in awhile.
Tomorrow: Weigh in #2 {getting real!}


Eve said...

This is a great idea - I need to remind myself of why I'm doing this too - you gave me a great idea for a future blog post!! PS. Meant to ask you if you still use the shake weight??? x

Jessica said...

Those are good motivators.. I'm in the same boat. I don't want to be a frumpy wife haha.

kristi said...

Great list! New follower here!