Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

I haven't done one of these series in a while, so let's recap what I've been lovin ' :) warning, this is a lot of randomness:

I'm working on some of these type pictures in my husband's office..he loves globes/maps so this is a cute feminine touch I could put on the office/common area.
How cute are these? Our monogram has been ordered for the office as well.
L'Oreal tinted lip balm..lovin' it. I start my day wearing lipstick, but end up using this throughout the day. My bestie introduced these to me. I now how 3 different colors. So soft and just enough color.
I loooove this scent!! I have used this everyday..correct me if I'm wrong, but this may be limited stock for the spring/summer? I may need to stock up.
Lovin this picture of me and my sissys (1993) is framed on my new desk.
This is me and my hubby to a T.
These adorable babies are who I'm lovin the most..I had a wonderful weekend with my niece and nephew. To me, they are perfect angels and bring me so much joy. I love being Aunt Allie!


safire said...

Great post! I love these pictures.

Lynsey said...

That quote fits my hubby and I to a T also!

I love those letters and frames. Perfect for an office!