Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weigh In {getting real} #3

Sigh, loss of .8. That brings me to a grand total of -.2oz for the month of March thus far. Sorry, missing another photo..who knows where the camera was Friday morning.
I am glad the scale is going down, not up, but I just wish it was going at a faster pace? I am also glad that I got my 2 workouts in throughout the week. This week is Spring Break from school so the plan is to be in the gym every night! I used to work out 5 days a week..I really miss that! I am going to be getting to the gym more regardless of my night excuses anymore!
Here's my weigh in picture, cheering on the Shockers..who sadly lost :(
This week I'm going to continue bringing my lunch everyday, resisting temptations, working out everyday and drinking 100oz of water everyday..that should do the trick for a bigger loss this week. I would reallly like to be in ONEderland by April.

In other news, I got some lowlights put in my hair yesterday and I'm lovin it!

What are your goals this week?
Whatever they are, let's make it a good one :)

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Lynsey said...

I really need to lose 4.4 this week but I'm going for a goal of 5! Not sure I can do it but if I do I will be moving to new weight territory.

You will be in wonderland in no time. A loss is a loss. At least you didn't gain!