Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So, let it be known that in the history of my weight loss journey (January 8, 2010) I've NEVER taken my measurements. I always just went by the number on the scale. Lately though, people have been telling me I "look" smaller...but the # on the scale has been the same for quite some time? I wonder if my colleagues are just being nice because they see me eating an apple while they're eating a bag of Doritos (ahh jealousy!) So today in my mom's junk drawer I found a measuring tape and took my measuremts after my shower.
Yikers, here goes nothing:
shoulders (width)- 18.5"
left arm- 16"
right arm- 16"
Bust- 43"
waist- 37"
stomach- 43"
hips- 48"
right thigh- 26"
left thigh- 26"

So that's currently. Not sure how often I should update my measurements? Every Wednesday? Every other week? Leave your suggestion, please! I am going to be back Monday with an Arms Update. Sorry I missed you this week!
Oh- I scheduled our 2 year wedding anniversary pictures with Mollie Wetta Photography for June 10th. So I have roughly 30 days to work hard, hard, hard to look my very best!  
Bye for now!


safire said...

I've never taken my measurements either because I don't want to inaccurately record it. I do use tight food as a gauge though or shopping in stores and trying on a size down!

Lynsey said...

I'd only do it once a month.

.amy r. said...

yeah i'd only do measurements once a month or at the most biweekly.

my new work out: ROLLERBLADING! try it :) 15 mins = 154 calories burned! plus i'm using muscles i haven't used in who knows how long!

Jennifer said...

I take mine once a month...well I have only taken my once, ha. But my plan is once at the beginning of every month.

safire said...

I've never taken measurements before because I'm scared it'll be inconsistent. Now I kind of wish I had done it at my highest weight :)
I think once a month is plenty!

Good luck with taking your 2 year anniversary pictures! You will look lovely in them!

Enjoy your weekend!

Craig L. said...

I just wanted to say that I applaud you for sharing your struggles as a way to help and encourage others, and for finally having the dedication to get the body you always wanted. I also struggled with my weight for years before finally putting in the hard work and dedication necessary to transform my body and can very much sympathize with those who feel like they have tried everything with little or no results to show for it.

I wouldn't advise taking measurements any more frequently than once per week and always make sure to take your measurements in the morning before eating or drinking anything. This will give your measurements a much higher level of accuracy as you will eliminate the variances that can come along with food and water intake.