Friday, May 20, 2011

The deets

First off, thank you for all your kind comments and emails from my last post. They each brought a smile to my face! I feel so blessed that we were able to conceive naturally and everything is on the right track as of now.
Here's some deets about my pregnancy thus far:
  •  I spoke too soon on this post. I was actually pregnant and didn't know it yet! I was getting negative HPT's for 3 days after I missed my period so I really didn't think I was.
  • Until...I had a VERY vivid dream on Friday, May 13th that I was taking a test and it showed up positive. SO I woke up at 3am and had to pee (which never happens) I took the digital ClearBlue and sure enough..PREGNANT!
  • I woke Jordan up, crying from happiness and he was shocked too. I really felt like I was still in my dream! We stayed up until 5am talking about everything, fell back asleep and I left for work at 8am with the biggest smile on my face!
  • Later that day I went to my family doctor and confirmed by urine test and blood. My beta looked good. We were sooo happy.
  • Saturday I had some brown mucos-y discharge (sorry if TMI) and I started freaking out that I was having another miscarriage. I called my OB oncall nurse and she told me it was normal and to take it easy and go to the ER if it turned bright red. Thankfully it never did and I haven't had anymore of that.
  • Monday I went in for more lab and was told my beta was doubled so that was a great sign! I started on Progesterone and scheduled my first OB appointment for May 26th!
  • Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm 6weeks and due January 17th, 2012!
  • Yesterday I went back for more labwork, but haven't heard back yet on where my levels are. Praying that everything is okay..
So, that's where I'm at now. Jordan and I were going to wait til I was out of the 1st trimester to tell people, but I just couldn't wait. I ended up telling my family the weekend we found out and we are telling Jordan's family this weekend. I figured that if something, God forbid, did happen in this pregnancy I would seek support from my family and I know it would hurt them if they didn't even know what was going on. We are being cautious 1st miscarriage was at 12 weeks and 2nd was at 7 weeks, so we are not out of the woods yet, but we are hopeful and praying!

I will update next week about my fitness/weight/heathiness goals throughout this pergnancy and get any thoughts and opinions! Have a great weekend :o)

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Jennifer said...

That's great! I hope things go well for you. Congrats girl!