Monday, February 28, 2011

uh oh..

Let me tell you about my long lost love:
Sonic's Rt 44oz Cranberry Limeaids
I loved these things. I was literally drinking 1-2 A DAY! I would usually go during their happy hour for 50% off, but sometimes it didn't even matter what time of day it was..if I wanted my Cranberry limeaid, I got it. In fact, right after my wedding reception before we went to our hotel for the night, we went to Sonic for a gown and all. See? I really was a fat bride.
So, when I started my "weight loss journey" I stopped drinking these bad boys. It was hard, but I knew they couldn't be good for you! And sure enough..
420 Calories-110g Sugar-90g Sodium-113g Carbs
No wonder I was 240lbs!


Kat said...

Those nutritional stats are horrifying. That being said, I could always go for a small Coconut Cream Slush. It's good that the most convenient Sonic for me is on the way up to the cabin (AKA FAR away!).

Lynsey said...

Have you tried crystal light cherry limeade? I have one a day in my 1st 32oz bottle of water each day. It's yummy! (And only 10 calories.)