Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Something new..

Since this blog is so handy dandy at keeping me accountable..
and since it is now March, I have a new experiment I'm going to test..
No Fast Food for the month of March.
You heard that right!
Not even for a salad or something I consider "healthy."
I will allow myself to eat out 1 time a week, but that is for Friday night date night/day with my husband, but no fast food.
I don't really feel like I have a "problem" with fast food, but it is getting to be too easy to swing by to get something "fast" when my husband is working second shift at the hospital, especially on Saturdays. 
So, who's with me on this one? 
Tonight I'm going to buy some stickers to put on my calendar for each day I go without the devil fast food. Childish, I know, but anything to hold me accountable :) Plus, I'm really missing those stickers that give out at Weight Watchers :)

Oh, one more goal for March: to lose 6lbs!!


Jennifer said...

Good luck on not eating out and losing that 6lbs!!! That's all I need to have lost my 30% weight.

AceRunn said...

Good Luck! A CW and I are doing a March challenge where we are challenging each other not to ride the elevator! The person with the least amount of elevator rides at the end of the month, gets a free lunch, bought by the loser.

Kat said...

I love the idea of staying away from fast food/take-out for the month. Even if you were to make healthy choices there, you'll still save a heap of money!