Thursday, February 3, 2011

Accountability Experiment Day9

I gave myself a little snow day yesterday so no pictures of my daily eats yesterdat, but I promise I didn't go over my allowed points :) Here's day 9:
Yummo- FiberOne chocolate and peanut butter granola 2P+
I've been counting these mini delights wrong! They are 3p+, banana 0
Activia 2p+, special K bar 2p+, LeanCuisine 6p+
*Not pictured snack size cheezits 6p+
Salad Bar..I don't know how to count this?? 8p+??
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich 4p+
33/34 Weight Watchers PointPlus
Tomorrow is weigh in so cross your fingers for me. I'd like at least a 2 pound loss after my gain from last week. See you guys tomorrow with the report!

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