Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2011 Goals *update*

So, at the first of the year, like almost every other blogger, I posted my 2011 goals. I always have the best intentions on keeping these goals because I hate feeling disappointed in myself. I've decided to update once a month on how these little goals are working out for me and what I need to improve on. Here were my goals: bold is my update.

Lose at least 1 pound a week until I meet my goal weight of 150lbs. *I haven't lost 1lb a week, but I'm still on track to meeting my goal weight of 150. It is an everyday fight!*

Try to cook more and get more creative with meal plans. *I have cooked this year lol too bad they have all been pasta dishes. I'm still trying though*

Stay on Synthroid all year long. *I'm taking my medicine regularly with the exception of missing it a few times on the weekends. I feel no differently when on my medication, but that's okay. I have an appointment in April to see where my tsh levels are..hopefully they are "normal"*

Run another 5k. *Yea..about that..not even close*

Get more creative with my blog. *I'm trying! I did do the Accountability Experiment and have some ideas for exercise next month (think shred!)*

Save $12k in 2011 (that's $1000 a month and totally do-able if we stick to it!) *SO proud of me and my hubby on this! Currently, we are 20% over what we should already have saved at this point. Sure, taxes helped boost that, but hey! It's our money and I'm proud we are saving it instead of blowing it. Moving into the apartment has really helped in the savings department..oh, sacrifices..*

Find another company to work for that I feel happier with. (I WILL have a job change in 2011 one way or another!) *Now I'm not so sure this is going to happen..I had my yearly review and was given a raise and a nice little bonus that I was appreciative of. It would be hard walking away from the $$ especially since we are saving for my husband's medical schooling.*

Spend more time with my niece and nephew. *I have babysat twice since the New Year and love every single second I am with them!*

Grow my Scentsy business *It's been a rough start in 2011, but I'm sure business will pick back up after the release of the new Spring/Summer 2011 catalog coming out March 1st!!*

Organize my scrapbooking stuff and finally finish my wedding scrapbook! *Hasn't even crossed my mind..but I still have ten months, right?!*

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