Monday, February 7, 2011

Accountability Experiment Day10

Ah, back in business with the Accountability Experiment. 7 days to go! Here's day 10:
Activia 2p+, New FiberPlus caramel coconut chocolate granola 3p+=Amazing..tastes JUST LIKE a Girl Scout Caramel Delight! yumm
mint chocolate mini delights 3p+, 2 servings Pringles 4p+, banana 0, Smart One 5p+
Finally found some VitaTops at Target 3p+..not too too impressed, but high in fiber for afternoon snack!
Corner of leftover pizza from SuperBowl party..pesto, grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese..I have no idea how to count this. 8p+??
Pineapple upside down YUM (recipe coming tomorrow :) 7p+
35/34 EEk over by one point. But maybe that pizza wasn't worth the whole 8p+?! HELP!

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:Deliciously Healthy said...

Caught up on your blog since the weekend break away from the computer- last 2 posts were way inspirational for me! I can't wait to read your 50 pounds down post!