Sunday, January 23, 2011

Accountability Experiment Day1

Alright, I have not been losing weight. I actually have not lost much since running my first 5k. I am happy that I maintained throughout the holidays, but I'm ready to shed these last 40 pounds to get to my goal weight.
So, I came up with an idea called..Accountability Experiment. I am going to be taking pictures of everything I eat and blogging the Weight Watchers PointsPlus everyday until Valentine's Day. I need to be holding myself to accountable, because I feel like I have the exercise part down, but I need to really work on the nutritional part. I don't always track and most of the time I "guess" how many PointsPlus it is. This should help me get back on top of my eating habits. I need to lose the rest of this weight!
So, here was today:
L-R top-bottom: (I get 34 PointsPlus a day)
1. Subway 6'' Turkey on wheat, no cheese, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, cucumber, lite ranch..7P+, baked lays 3P+, Diet Dr.Pepper 0
2. Fiber Plus granola 3P+
3. Turkey Black Bean Chili 1cup 6P+, 1 slice leftover pepperoni pizza 8P+, water 0
4. 8oz Pineapple juice..3P+
= 30P+

Feel free to play along or ask any questions! The blog may be pretty boring these next few weeks with just pictures of my food, but I will throw in some recipes here and there and some progress pics :) Have a great week! 


Renee said...

I love this since I am, also, doing points plus and could use some meal ideas!

AceRunn said...

I too am looking forward to some great new ideas. Good Luck Allie, you can rock it!!