Monday, January 24, 2011

Accountability Experiment Day2

You can read more about my Accountability Experiment here. I will be blogging daily my Weight Watcher PointsPlus in pictures until Valentine's Day to get in control with eating healthier. Here's how Day2 looked:

1. banana 0P+, Special K granola 2P+
2. 2 servings of Pringles BBQ Chips 4P+
3. Leftover turkey chili abut 1.5 servings 10P+, FiberOne yogurt 1P+, Diet Dr. Pepper 0
4. Apple 0P+!!
5. grilled chicken breast with some bbq 7P+, servings of mashed potatoes 4P+, green beans 0P+
6. Cherry freezer pop 1P+
29 PointsPlus (I am allowed 34 daily)

After work I went to the gym..I walked on the treadmil for 30 minutes and then headed to my Monday Night Zumba class. It was a great workout!
This experiment has already got me thinking of planning my next meals and how I can incorporate more fruits, vegetables, fiber and PowerFoods into my daily diet which is something I never really did before. I just kind of grabbed whatever and off I went. It is a good feeling.
Sara blogged about mini goals and it got me thinking about maybe I should set some smaller goals for myself instead of focusing on the ultimate goal.
Mini Goals:
1. Drink 100oz water a day
2. Workout Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
3. Lose 2 pounds at WW this week
4. Do arm weights on Wednesday

See you tomorrow!


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AceRunn said...

Aww, Allie thanks for the love! Good luck this week, you got this!

And I need to know what that freezer pop is please!