Sunday, January 30, 2011

Accountability Experiment Day6

So I was pretty down on Friday after my weigh in, BUT I sneaked a peek at the scale this morning and that 1.4 gain is already gone. I'm going to continue to keep working hard this week (despite this huge blizzard we are supposed to get) and hopefully it will pay off at the scale this week!
Here's day 6:

Kashi cerealwith skim milk 6p+
Diet Dr.Pepper 0, turkey and cheese grilled cheese 6p+, special K bar 2p+
Rotini pasta with ground turkey 10p+, green beans 0 and 1 slice wheat toast 1P+
After dinner I had a major sweet I had one of these :) 4p+
29/34 Weight Watcher PointPlus
This weekend was relaxing..Saturday night I went to my sister's and we watched:
I seriously don't know why it didn't get much cinema time because this was a cute, hilarious movie! We really enjoyed it. and tonight the hubby and I are cuddling up to watch:

Stay warm! Have a great week :o)

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