Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm back :)

I did fall off the fit train there for a bit and was feeling very ashamed {hence the lack of posting} but then I realized..that's what this blog is hold me accountable. I didn't lose any weight through the holidays..but guess what? I didn't gain either. I'm OK with that. I enjoyed the holidays and I hope you did too! I'm back on this weight loss journey full force and blogging is resumed! I promise I won't desert you guys again :o)

In December right before Christmas J and I headed to Las Vegas for a few days of fun with my mom and dad. It was a little celebratory trip for him finishing the semester with straight A's and our Christmas gifts to eachother.

On the plan ride sharing ear phones :0
Me and my mom waiting on the bus
Jordan and my dad aka best buds
Us at the Bellagio Christmas display
Nice dinner at Tony Romas :)

Overall it was an awesome trip and we can't wait to go back! Christmas with the family was wonderful and ringing in 2011 with friends and family was the best. What more could I ask for? Oh yea, maybe it lose some more LBS!! Here's where I'm at currently:
We are all moved into our new apartment, Jordan is enrolled for this semester, I've had a few interviews for new companys that will hopefully bring me more happiness, back on track with my workouts and I'm ready to give 2011 my cheesy as that sounds :o)


AceRunn said...

welcome back...I missed you! But, as you can see I fell off the face of the earth too ha! Since you came back today, I guess I will too!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Looks like loads of fun! Happy you're back!