Thursday, June 6, 2013

Marshalls Do Med School {update}

Read: Last week MCAT

So, if you read the intro to our med school journey you'll learn that I was completely oblivious to what it takes to be accepted and how competitive it is. I thought "Ok, he'll graduate undergrad, get good grades, volunteer some, shadow some, apply and go to medical school!"
Well, not completely wrong, but it entails so much more. I really didn't know it was SO competitive. I didn't know the difference between MD/DO or the application timeline..or really anything. Smh..naive.
Being that I'm pretty much a control freak, and Jordan is much more laid back (sometimes this causes us to clash), I took it upon myself to research more to make sure everything is in order to make for a smooth application process. The more I researched, the more I started to freak. Uhh..3.9 GPA?! Volunteering in Haiti with orphans?! 1000+ hours of shadowing?! Published research?!
Yea...about that...Jordan is a non-traditional student. He has worked in a clinical setting for 5 years 40+ hrs a week, has medical certifications, has done minimal volunteering, some shadowing. Good letters of recommendation, but no research, and his GPA is right around 3.2 (rough start to college right out of high school in 2004). From what I've read, that isn't the most competitive..and it made me start worrying. Not worried that I don't think my husband is smart, compassionate or skilled enough to be an excellent physician, but worried that his application wouldn't even get him a foot in the door to be reviewed, which he so deserves.

At this point I've decided to kind of step back and just let the application process take it's course. There's no use stressing over things I cannot control. I also don't want to put any extra pressure on Jordan as I know this is already a grueling process for him. I'm just here to be a supportive wife, because I believe in him. I believe he will be accepted into a medical school..whether it's an MD program, or DO. Even if it's not this application cycle, he can reapply for the next. And we will just keep reaching for the ultimate goal, as cliche as that sounds!

I don't know where he's applying at this point. I know for sure the University of Kansas (KU-MD) and Kansas City University (KCUMB- DO), but other than that I'm leaving it up to him.
We will follow him wherever..all it takes is one acceptance!

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