Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fido 5k {recap}

Ok, I'm finally getting around to posting the recap of the 5k that my dad and I ran on June 8, 2013. Man, it was a hot run with a hilly terrain!
My parents picked Bradley and I up in the morning and we headed to the park where the race was taking place. Here's where I made my 1st mistake: I didn't eat anything for breakfast.
I was in kind of a "mood" too- I wasn't quite as pumped for this race as I was the Prairie Fire 5k. I can't pinpoint exactly what was wrong with me though. ANYWAY-
We got there and checked in and got our bibs. This run benefitted the dog parks in our town, and runners were allowed to run with their dogs. Bradley was just starring at all of the puppies; so sweet :)
We got lined up to start the run; there were quite fewer people compared to our previous races too, but that's okay. At this point Jordan showed up when he got off work to see us take off. I was surprised; I didn't think he would get there in time.
We took off strong and even finished our 1st mile in 11 minutes. That's when we realized we needed to start pacing ourselves better, because I was already exhausted after the 1st mile: mistake #2. We didn't stop, just slowed down a bit.
Then mistake #3 happened: my mp3 player quit working..I had forgotten to charge it the night before. fml. I quickly told my dad what had happened and he was able to basically "coach" me the last mile..by saying things like "You got it!" "keep going" It is reallllly defeating to be running and all you can hear is yourself huffing and puffing trying to breathe normally, and then your body is hot and your brain is telling you to walk just a little. I almost started to walk, but my dad wouldn't let me. I'm glad for that.

We ended up finishing the 5k at 42:31, average a 13:41 mile. That is an improvement from our 1st 5k time of 43:39. I'm happy with beating our time and know we I can only get better with more practice. 
Sad thing is? I haven't run since June 8th. And we haven't signed up for another race yet. We just haven't found one that will fit our schedules. I'm not quitting my training. I just need to get back into a groove.

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