Monday, June 17, 2013

Whole30 results

Oh man..I made the collages of my before & after photos. It gave me some anxiety! I really about to share these horrendous pictures? Yes, yes I am.
This is where I've been and where I'm going....
So, on the Whole30 my starting weight was 211.8. I completed the Whole30 challenge weighing in at 201.0. Total loss of 10.8lbs. I feel pretty good about that. I didn't take any measurements, and I regret that. I know it probably could have lost more if I had worked out more. I did run twice a week and ran in 2 5ks during the 30 days. I stuck to a meal plan about 85% of the time while on the challenge, and made the best choices I could when I found myself in situations that weren't as Paleo friendly.
As I've said before, I highly, highly suggest the Whole30 challenge to anyone who wants to clean up their diet. I literally do not crave pop anymore, or sweets. I want fresh fruit in the mornings instead of doughnuts. I'm never super hungry or have extreme cravings. I am human though. I feel like I stuck to the challenge 85%, but that's reality. any questions? (I'm no expert, believe me!) email me at:

Alright, so that's where I'm at currently. I am doing another 30 days and hope to have even better results. I will do more before&after photos after my next 10lbs lost. Oh, and please excuse my pale, pale skin, no makeup and cray hair :)
omg..I can't believe I'm hitting 'post' !


LEA said...

Congrats!!! 10 pounds is awesome!

Amy Higgins said...

Wow those are obvious results! Love it! Keep it up!