Monday, June 24, 2013

A date day

So, Saturday we were supposed to attend a wedding. It was my coworker's wedding that I've been hearing her plan for the past year so I was excited for her on her special day. Unfortuneatly, we were running behind {go figure} and ended up arriving at the church 10 minutes late. I know wedding usually run a little late (I know mine did), but I didn't see anyone else walking in so we decided to skip the ceremony and attend the reception. There was a 3 hour gap between the ceremony and reception, so that meant that Jordan and I actually had some time to ourselves, just the two of us!
We literally have not really had quality and 6 months. It instantly made me feel younger and refreshed. With both of us working full time, summer school, med school applications, daily housework, and a 6 month old it is hard to remember the simplicity and joy of your marriage. I can't explain how NICE it was to just sit, have a martini and TALK to my HUSBAND!!

Sure, we talked about Bradley a totally reaffirmed how happy we are in this spot of our lives, and how blessed we feel to have such an awesome little boy. In the past 6 months we have been able to see eachother shape into parents. It was nice to talk about how everything we've hoped for these past 4 years of marriage are finally falling into place. The cherry on top would be a medical school acceptance letter this coming fall :)

We did end up going to the reception and enjoyed celebrating another couple's union. It reminded us of the past ups and downs of our marriage, and we had quite a few laughs reminising of our wedding day (dear god it was HOT!) and our wedding planning (bridezilla?!?!). Overall, I loved our Saturday date day, and I loved coming home to Bradley and us spending the evening all together. My face hurt from smiling all day :)

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