Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 Goals *updatex2*

Last month I recapped how I was doing with my 2011 goal. It is not mid-March and time to reevaluate..let's see how I'm doing with this goal thing!

Lose at least 1 pound a week until I meet my goal weight of 150lbs. *I haven't lost 1lb a week, I haven't even lost any weight yet this month. I barely lost anything last month either. Still fighting and struggling through this weight los journey..*
Try to cook more and get more creative with meal plans. *I have tried. I'm currently cooking maybe twice a week. *

Stay on Synthroid all year long. *I'm FAILING at this..I haven't got my meds re-filled. nI have no excuses for this..:-/*

Run another 5k. *I have signed up for a 10k for June 4th! You can read about my training here and here*

Get more creative with my blog. *Trying! I do want to "hire" someone to get one of those cute little headers and whatnot :) *

Save $12k in 2011 (that's $1000 a month and totally do-able if we stick to it!) *We have already saved 50% of that goal and it is only March! Very very proud of us on this goal!*
Find another company to work for that I feel happier with. (I WILL have a job change in 2011 one way or another!) *WELL...my company was bought by a new company and it's been a mess. I hope this new company we were bought by will be better, but so far..the benefits are terrible. $4000 deductible?! really? I read insurance plans all day to know that is not "good coverage." Okay..off my soapbox!*

Spend more time with my niece and nephew. *I've seen them at least once a week since New Years!*

Grow my Scentsy business *Rough start for the New Year..if I don't sell $150.00 in sales this month I will be TERMINATED..yipes.*

Organize my scrapbooking stuff and finally finish my wedding scrapbook! *Hasn't even crossed my mind..but I still have nine months, right?!*


l said...

Make sure to eat enough fiber, don't eat while watching TV, don't drink a lot of liquid calories, and watch your appetite decrease when the weather gets warmer :) You're doing awesome!!!!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

You're doing awesome. I have no doubt that you will reach all of your goals this year :)

Are you watching your sodium intake? I know if I eat too much sodium I can't lose a single pound, even if I'm within my calories.