Monday, March 14, 2011

Running with Dad {week2}

Saturday I woke up to go meet my dad at the same park at the same time (9am). It was 41 degrees with a slight breeze aka my perfect running weather. I wore capri workout pants and a tshirt and was confident as I had been stretching well and running just fine on the treadmill doing the C25K. Anyway, I started out with a goal to run to entire length of the fence on this track. I tried to do this last week but was just cut a little short; this week I was able to. So, I suppose that is making progress. Dad thinks it was a little under a mile the length of the fence.  After I made it the length of the fence my brain was like "ok, good job you're done." I wanted to keep going but I have still been fighting my shin splints. This time the pain was on the side of my right leg. When I was training for my 5k I was having shin problems and bought new shoes and they got better as I kept running. I was also using icy hot and tylenol. So I'm asking YOU, my dear readers, if you have any other advice that you think could help, please share!
So, after we were done running is when things started to go downhill. I got in my car to drive home and I started to just feel icky. I figured I was just achey from the run and I'd be okay. On my drive home, I got stopped by a train. Immediately, I opened my car door and threw up! Disgusting. I got home and rested on the couch and ate a banana. I seemed fine and went about my day. When I went to go to sleep at night I started feeling the same aches I was feeling after our run. Needless to say, I spent the night in the bathroom throwing up every few hours.
So Sunday was a no go for me. I was laid up on the couch all day with a low grade fever. It took all my energy to get up to do anything around the house. I felt (still do) guilty about missing the run because I had bigger goals to run longer. But I will make it up this week in the gym and go back harder on Saturday and Sunday to continue training for this 10k! 

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